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After your HeroTill has been set up and your system administrator has created an admin user for you and sent you your login details you can start watching the Youtube video to introduce you to how to start using HeroTill.


Introduction to HeroTill for new users: Youtube link

This video will show you the following:

  • How to log in
  • What to do when you forgot your password
  • Accepting user license agreement
  • Modifying your own account at “My account”
  • How to update your own account details and password while logged in
  • Menu headings can be seen according to your user permissions
  • Where to find your company’s helpdesk ticket list
  • Creating new tickets as an admin user on your own system
  • Adding notes on tickets
  • Assigning and reassigning tickets to a different helpdesk department or admin user
  • Viewing a customer’s profile on the edit customer screen
  • HeroTill’s Youtube channel to view more videos on how HeroTill works.
  • Viewing guides and blogs on HeroTill’s website to help you work on your HeroTill system
  • Help menu on your HeroTill system
  • Submitting a support request directly to HeroTill support
  • For additional support please email

Guides and more information:

Please see the following resources for additional information:


For support issues:


or call us at 066 073 4339