Powerful ISP Management Platform

HeroTill is a complete Bandwidth and Data Management Platform for ISPs, handling all tasks including billing, monitoring, reporting & customer self service via mobile & web apps.
HeroTill allows your ISP operation to scale dramatically without requiring a similar increase in support overhead, by pushing typical customer support tasks to the end customers themselves.

Remote Device Monitoring

HeroTill connects to devices such as Mikrotik & Ubiquiti routers & radios, Raspberry Pi microcomputers and Micro Instruments NPM units at your sites, allowing you to view real-time usage information such as connected radios, CCQ, throughput, plus power related data such as power supply, solar or battery voltages, and be alerted to any issues.

Customer Mobile App

Our customer mobile app is now available for download on Android & iOS devices. This app will allow you to:
Monitor your data usage,
request top-ups,
submit and manage helpdesk tickets,
view and download your invoices and other billing documents,
perform speed test, as well as view and update your account and billing information.

Product Integrations