Asset register setup

How to configure the asset register module

Automated Backups

How to set up and configure automated backups in HeroTill

Billing Setup

How to configure and view customer billing information


How to setup HeroTill Calendars

HeroTill Initial Setup

Getting started with HeroTill: Initial Setup


How to create customers and customer groups, assign data packages, and view usage

Device Monitoring

How to configure and monitor network devices

Devices Offline

Monitoring offline devices

Fleet management

Manage fleet activities of an ISP business

Helpdesk Setup

How to configure the helpdesk module

Helpdesk Ticket Usage

How to use the helpdesk to create and monitor tickets

Hotspot Overview

An overview of the hotspot setup on HeroTill

Hotspot Setup

Guide on how to create and configure a MikroTik hotspot for Free Trial, Prepaid and Radius Usage

NetFlow Configuration Monitoring

NetFlow Configuration and Monitoring Setup

Radius Setup

How to configure Radius services, data packages, rand Radius accounts

Raspberry Pi Power Monitoring

How to configure the Raspberry Pi for Power Monitoring


What the reports entitle


A guide to online applications and sales leads


A guide to HeroTill’s tools

Import Guides

How to use the import wizards

User Manuals

In depth guide for system users.


A guide to Marketing Promotions