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SMS Topups: How To Do Automatic Topups With SMS

Automatic topups can be done by using the new SMS topups feature.

When a customer’s radius account is capped or an interim usage alert is sent to the customer, the following string is added to the end of the SMS:
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Notification Rules on Customer Contacts Explained

New notification rules have been added on Customers. Now you can choose what type of notifications each Contact on a Customer receives.
This is handy if you want one of the Contacts to receive everything and another Contact should only receive Usage notifications for example.
You can also add an extra Contact that does not receive any notifications.

Just note that there should be at least one Contact that has all the notification rules or all rules has to have a Contact.
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Over Usage Topups Explained

The over usage topups feature is built specifically for uncapped packages that has a fair usage policy set up.

A fair usage policy in HeroTill can be set up by setting a soft cap on the data package and adding a service once capped that is at a reduced speed than the original service on the data package.

A topup will only bring the package’s original service back if “Add Overusage on Topup” is enabled on the data package.


Practical scenario:

  1. The customer buys a 10mbit/s uncapped line with a 100 GB soft cap.
  2. The customer runs out of soft cap, which in turn switches the package’s service to the service once capped. This causes the line speed to be reduced. (As the service once capped service is usually at reduced speed than the package’s main service.)
  3. The customer buys a top up to get the original speed back. The topup will only bring the package’s original service back if “Add Overusage on Topup” is enabled on the data package.


Example of how an over usage Topup will work:

A customer has 100 GB cap limit and has used 120 GB. The customer has been soft capped for the last 20GB and will be soft capped on anything used above the 100 GB cap.

When the customer then adds a top-up of 10GB, they do not still want to be soft capped when using this 10GB. Being soft capped on a uncapped data package, usually means that the line’s speed is reduced.

To solve this, the over usage top-up will add the over usage as a zero-rated top-up and add the additional topups to the cap limit. This will then be the new cap limit for the month.

Zero rated Topups + Topups = Over usage Top-up

20GB + 10GB = 30GB

Over usage Top-up + Cap limit = New cap limit for the month

30GB + 100GB = 130GB


Over usage calculation for the month:

Usage to date – Usage limit + Topups = Over usage

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How To Enable Auto Topups On A Radius Account

If you need to enable auto topups for a customer, you can do this on their radius account.

Go to Radius –> User Accounts –> Edit User –> Data Limits tab
Set “Enable Auto Topups” to “Yes”.

Then choose the auto topup increments you want to top up with each time the
data limit of the account reaches a 100%.

Next, you can set an auto topup limit which is the maximum size of all topups for the month.
A limit of 0 means no maximum limit.
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How To Set Up Usage Report Notifications On A Customer

Usage report notifications settings needs to be set up on each customer individually.
The usage report via email will show detailed graphs of the customer’s data usage.
Snippet of data usage report notification received via email:
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How To Set Up Auto Data Rollover

How to set up the auto data rollover functionality



If you want monthly data and top-ups to go over to the next month, the ‘Auto Data Rollover‘ setting must be turned on for each customer group or category that you want this feature on.  It will work for customers who belong to a group or category which has this setting turned on.  


This setting will only take effect by midnight of the same day that it is turned on.


Add the setting to a Customer Category:


To add the rollover settings to a customer category, you will need to go to the customer menu and then click on the categories button.  Click on the edit button to enable the:

  • Auto Rollover Unused Monthly Data and
  • Auto Rollover Unused Topups functions

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Radius Password Visibility For MikroTik Winbox On Login Management

We have improved the radius password visibility within HeroTill.
Users will now only be able to see or modify radius account passwords if they have the new “Device Passwords” read or write permissions.
We have also added a new permission “MikroTik Login Accounts” that allows you to create radius login accounts for use with Winbox logins. Only these special MikroTik login accounts will be able to select the “Mikrotik-Group” custom radius attribute, and only users with this permission will be able to see these special MikroTik login accounts.
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Mailbox Processing Rules Has Been Extended

The Mailbox processing rules have been extended, to allow for more flexibility.

A new menu entry has been created to allow for direct access to the rules (Setup / System Settings / Mailbox Scraping Rules) but it can also be accessed from the log view.
Clicking the red button on the log view will allow you to create a new rule or edit the rule that was triggered.

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How Do I Create A Prepaid Customer?

There are 2 ways of creating Prepaid Customers1) By having said user go to the register page and filling in details: domain/register

Registering would take you straight from the register page to verification process, and gets the user online and purchasing data a lot faster.
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How To Troubleshoot Radius Not Disconnecting Users

There are times when HeroTill cannot disconnect radius sessions from the NAS.
This could result in the user going over his cap with no means of disconnecting or it can prevent the user from being switched to another package.

To see this, go to https://your_datatill_app/radius/sessions and sort on duration and descending.

Try and disconnect one of the long running sessions.
If it fails, it means FreeRADIUS cannot talk back to the NAS.
This is most often one of two reasons:
1. The NAS does not have “Incoming” enabled on the Radius setting or it is not using port 1700. See screenshot below for a MikroTik NAS example:

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How To Troubleshoot Mailbox Scraping

Mailbox scraping is a setup that reads emails from a designated email address and then processes them the way you want to use the email address for. Emails can be forwarded, ignored, deleted, or made into a help desk ticket.

Mailbox scraping can be found at Setup, System Settings, Mailbox scraping.

HeroTill has the ability to automatically intercept support emails so as to allocate them to a support department.
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Multiple Contacts And Notes Per Customer Account

HeroTill has always made it easy to add custom information to a customer record. Just go to Customers / Edit Customer and in the bottom right hand corner you will see boxes to add Customer Notes (with custom headings) and Additional Address Details (also with custom headings). See the screenshot below.
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HeroTill and VoIP Telephony Provider Support

Hi HeroTill users!

Just a quick update to give you some information on the South African VoIP providers and systems that we have tested HeroTill with. Before we continue however, we would like to assure you that HeroTill works with any SIP or IAX trunk provider. In order to account your telephony data, you will need:

  1. A SIP or IAX trunk
  2. The rate card from your provider. This is in order to work out cost prices. If you cannot obtain an exact rate card, you can still use the system but please ensure that your selling price is more than your cost price.

HeroTill has tested the following South African VoIP providers with our system:

  • Vox
  • Neotel
  • Connection Telecom
  • X-Connect

If you are a provider and you would like us to test your service with our system, please let us know.

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What makes a Prepaid Customer different?

What makes a Prepaid customer different from a Normal Customer and Hotspot Users?

Prepaid Users have access to a Static username and password, from which, through the Client Portal.

They can purchase data on the fly with whichever Payment Gateway the HeroTill system has enabled.

Data is Hotspot Package based, which has an expiry date as set per hotspot package duration.

Generally Prepaid works as a Static Hotspot user.

There are 3 types of Customers for Data Use:

1) Hotspot – Fully ad-hoc Hotspot Splash Page User
2) Prepaid Customer – Static Username and password – Generally seen as Hotspot Splash Page User
3) Monthly User – Monthly User generally used for PPP
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