Double Data Topups

Double Data Topup marketing promotions has been added to HeroTill.

Go to Sales –> Sales Settings –> Marketing Setup

Quick link: https://domain/settings/marketing

How to enable the Double Data Topup Promotion:

You can enable or disable the promotion, and define a date range during which the promotion is in effect:

marketing setup

How to know if the Double Data Topup Promotion is enabled:

When customers or the helpdesk adds topups, a prominent blue box will display if the promotion is in effect on the topup popup screen:

double data

If the double data topup is active, the double topups will apply to all topups done by helpdesk or by the customer, either via the customer portal, via SMS or via the API.

How does the Double Data Topup work?

The customer or helpdesk should just topup the normal size, the system will automatically apply double the data while it is in active and in the correct date range.

Sales Leads & Promotions

When special promotions are advertised on your website. You add this link on your website to HeroTill’s online application with the promotion name at the end of the url to automatically specify the Lead Source on the online application for a Sales Lead. Here is the URL:

yourdomain/sales/apply/promo/(promotion name without brackets)

By doing this you will be able to tell if this customer is applying for the specific promotion that you have offered them.