This guide explains how setup the monitoring on HeroTill, configure the Pi, we will discuss what hardware is supported, and discuss the hardware itself and how to install it.

Custom image download link

Custom image to sync to HeroTill on your Raspberry Pi:

Navigating Raspberry Pi devices on your HeroTill

Raspberry Pi

Go to Devices->RaspberryPi Devices

RaspberryPi Fields

Device Description

Device Address

Device Login Username

Device Login Password

Generate Power Alerts (ON/OFF)

Thermal Printer Attached (ON/OFF)

This is used for printing hotspot vouchers

Voucher Printer Title

This is not a compulsory field.

Weather Station Title

This is not a compulsory field.


Go to Devices->RaspberryPi Devices -> Click on Edit

Go to Devices->RaspberryPi Devices -> Click on “Show RaspberryPi Information”

This will load the Pi’s webpage:


RaspberryPi Weather Summary


Raspberry Pi Power Summary

Sites discharging


In order to monitor the battery level of your battery in HeroTill, you will need a RaspberryPi, a Victron Battery Monitor and a Victron VE.Direct cable to connect the two.



Getting started with the Victron Battery Monitor.

The Victron battery monitor can be found here

here are some victron documents on the monitor.

The BMV-700 comes included with everything you need to setup the battery monitor, but you will need to buy the Victron VE.Direct cable to connect the Monitor to the Raspberry Pi

Victron VE.Direct Cable

This a diagram depicting what comes in the Victron BMV Kit

Here is a diagram depiction the connection of a BMV-700. Note the VE.Direct port.


The back of the BMV battery monitor. The black cable is the VE.Direct cable


Getting started with a Victron Solar Charger.

The solar chargers below are supported.
all the 100v and 150 v solar chargers like the one below are supported.

The Victron solar charger needs to be connected to a RaspberryPi Using a VE.Direct cable. The Solar charger does not give any information about how charged the battery’s are. Therefore the Solar charger monitoring needs to be done in conjuction with a battery monitor.

BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 & 100/50BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 up to 150/100

Below the VE.Direct port has been circled. If your Victron device has this port then it should be supported: