May 29, 2023

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


Customer Portal

• Created a new visual front-end for the customer portal to align with the new look and feel and to improve the user’s experience

• Improved the customer usage portal display screens’ look and feel to fit in with current branding

• Improved the customer portal’s speed test functionality to align with the new look and feel

• Optimized the mobile experience and GUI for the customer portal

• Improved the customer account Information display screens look and feel by updating their designs to fit in with current branding

• Improved the customer billing display screens look and feel by updating their designs to fit in with current branding

• Improved the customer active session display screens look and feel by updating their designs with the current branding

• Improved the customer helpdesk display screens look and feel by updating current branding

• Improved the customer prepaid fibre products display screens look and feel by updating them to fit in with current branding

• Improved the customer rating display screens look and feel by updating their designs look and feel to fit in with the current branding


• Added primary e-mail addresses to the accounts workflow (Cancellations)

• Added additional code in the backend to determine whether a package change is related to a flex product or a manual product

• Improved the prepaid Fibre payment rejections process when a customer’s payment has been declined after the transaction has been completed and the customer’s service/s was activated (Debtors Manager permissions required)

• Added a button to the active package that allows the specific project to be revoked
• Added a warning popup confirming the revocation
• Updated the cron for when the revocation was successful it gets converted to the default flex product

• Improved the speed at which statements (debtors) are recreated by optimising code in the backend

• Debtors batch creation will be done automatically at midnight instead of during peak hours to improve system speed and performance

• Improved the prepaid Fibre payment rejections process where a customer’s payment has been declined after the transaction has been completed and the customer’s service/s was activated (Debtors Manager permissions required)

• Added a button to the active package that allows the specific project to be revoked
• Added a warning popup confirming the revocation
• Updated the cron for when the revocation was successful it gets converted to the default flex product


• Fixed an issue where users were able to access the speedtest website without logging in

• Fixed an issue where flex prepaid used the wrong tax id

• Fixed an error in background code function that incorrectly erased some customer allocations

• Fixed an issue with the Easypay daemon that didn’t restart correctly

• Fixed an issue where the search bar kept on displaying when there was no active session

• Fixed an issue on the customer portal where ratings were associated with random customer leads, tickets and jobs

• Fixed an issue where the public trial page did not display correctly

• Fixed an issue where the customer data account was deleted when switching from monthly billing to flex(prepaid)

• Fixed an error where manual package cancellation overwrote pending package changes by updating code in the backend

• Fixed an error where the customer transaction report’s ordering was inconsistent

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January 30, 2023

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added IPV6 and VLAN fields to the Active and All closed Radius Screens

• Added a URL link to the Invoice Payment Notification Email. This feature is not on by default and needs to be enabled by going to Billing–>Billing Setup–>Invoice & Credit Note Setup and then go to “Invoice Email Message” and change “document_number” to “document_number_with_link”

• Added a notification that notifies a user if their access token is not valid or cannot be reached

• Created the ability for users to authenticate via OTP on the customer portal

• Changed all HeroTill Easypay servers to a secure thrift protocol using SSL

• Updated the front-end forget password page, including the user interface (UI)

• Updated the front-end login screen:
• Users (staff) can no longer use the customer login screen to log in to the system when the Debug Setting is enforced
• The OTP option is usable by customers for customer portal sign in
• The Microsoft Office Login button is Usable by Staff Only

• Updated the SSO login button to reflect the new login functionality


• Added the ability for the system to generate an EasyPay number for each customer when they sign up. This account number is used when the user purchases a FlexPay product (either via a Herotel office or an EasyPay outlet). The welcome e-mail received by customers will reflect their EasyPay number as well

• Added a payment gateway for EasyPay

• Added the ability for the system to process an EasyPay purchase

• EasyPay account numbers now appear on the customer portal. Updated the UI to support this feature

• Added a cron job to support/look for EasyPay transactions

• Added the ability to send EasyPay account details to a customer via SMS or E-mail or both from the Edit Customer Screen (Admin users) and updated the wording for the outgoing message to support this change

• Increased the notification response of the thrift service logger by including EasyPay numbers and product values


Improved the Billing Module’s default display screen and search functionality to optimise the user interface by providing a cleaner look and drastically increase the speed of the search functionality. These changes are:

Display screen

• The way entries are displayed has changed. The current view now:

• filters records by the current financial year (which runs from 1 April to 31 March)
• shows all pending transactions (instead of all transactions)

• This view is applied to the:
• Invoice view page
• Credit note view page
• Adjustment view page
• All documents view page

Search function:

• The General search field previously allowed a user to search for content in any of the columns of the page. The search box now will exclude results for fields with their own filters. These fields are:

• Billing Categories
• Customer Categories
• Account Code
• Customer Group
• Billing Group
• Customer
• Status
• Deleted
• Labels
• Suspended Customer


• Fixed an issue where customer data accounts could have duplicated usernames by optimising code in the backend

• Fixed an issue where the compliance bucket counter didn’t display the correct number of tickets in the sales workflow

• Fixed an issue with age analysis where future dated matching used the incorrect date

• Fixed an issue where admin users were able to login to customer accounts with the staff login button

• ​Fixed an issue where the SMS button did not function properly

• Fixed an issue where the fully allocated date did not update on credit documents with cents (values)

• Fixed an error in the backed code where debtors error handling didn’t update correctly

• Fixed an error where the adjustment and write-off screens couldn’t support deleted entries

• Fixed an error that caused a loop on legacy scan on network devices (AP only)

• Removed the term ‘EasyPay’ from the automatching process when allocating receipts

• Some prepaid flex products must not be visible to customers on the End User Portal

• The EasyPay account number displays correctly and is searchable (Debtors Permission Level)

• Updated the system to allow selection of a product on same day as expiry (Flex products)

• Updated the system to audit permission changes before and after an API call is made to update a user for SSO

• ​Users are now logged out from all instances when they click on the logout button

• Enabled admin package changes to see flex fibre products via “Visible to Admin Users” section on Edit Data product

• Enabled “Visible to Customers“ flag for flex products which enables/disables products on the End User Portal

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October 3, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added the ability to manually change/add a package for a prepaid fibre customer. Accounts HOD permissions are required to access this functionality

• Improved RADIUS month-end sessions to ensure that they do not disconnect

• Optimised code in the backend to ensure data usage displays correctly

• Updated the workflow to populate the Data Account selected on QContact to the Herotill ticket that gets created


• Fixed an issue where deleted data accounts were not removed from the Data Accounts CSV field on Customers

• Removed the Drop Last month button from Active RADIUS sessions

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August 31, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added a feature that allows a user to finish a Netcash transaction if it fails

• Added a new page called Netcash Pay now under Tools–>Netcash Pay Now

• This page will allow a user to complete a Netcash transaction by filling in the Transaction Reference and Hash ID. They can also clear all the data or complete the transaction.

• Permissions needed to access this feature: Accounting WRITE, Accounting Adjustment WRITE and/or General Manager WRITE

• Added a switch under debugging to support this feature (Enable Netcash Force for Client). This must be switched to ON to work

• Improved the Age Analysis process by optimising code in the backend

• Optimised the Netsuite batching process by optimising code in the backend

• Updated the price book for Prepaid Fibre

• Updated the wording for the message field on the invoice PDF


• The customer account code now appears in the display error message when duplicate bank details are detected

• Changed the cancellation e-mail to use the invoice sending e-mail address instead of the company e-mail address

• Added an extra check to ensure that a user can only close off a month after the actual calendar month expired

• Updated the order in which transactions appear on customer transaction reports and statements: first by document date, and secondly by authorisation date

• Fixed an issue where base64 encoding on tickets were preventing integration updates to QContact

• Fixed an issue where the midnight cron did not extend the QContact token correctly

• ​Fixed an issue where when quality control was completed and the ticket closed, the status was not updated

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August 18, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added a duplication check for helpdesk tickets on QContact

• Added a security patch to optimise the safety of the system

• Added exclusion to code in the queries in the backend (add ticket functionality)

• Improved the performance enhancement of historic data for previous sessions


• Fixed an issue where job card line items weren’t displaying the correct totals

• Fixed the schedules date that didn’t display correctly on the PDF

• Modified the get_helpdesk_ticket_details and add_helpdesk_ticket APIS to include a Data Account field

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August 1, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:



Data Products

• Flex data products cannot be selected on a normal data account

• Added Flex as a Data Product. When Flex is enabled the Uncapped Data Product toggles = ON and Visible to Admin Users and Visible to Customers is toggled = OFF. If the Flex product toggle is On, Flex Lifetime Days becomes visible

• On the Select prepaid data product page it shows product details, a payment link button that redirects to Netcash and a cancel button that goes back to the previous screen

• Non-Flex customers cannot access Flex products

• Optimised code in the backend to improve the update speed of product uploads (Flex)

Data Accounts

• Only current active Flex products are selectable for an existing data account

• Removed the Pricing details and data limits tabs when adding a Flex data account

• Only Flex Default is selectable as a product for a new Data Account (Flex customers)

• Other types of customers cannot have Flex-type data accounts

• Removed the delete button for Flex Data Accounts on the Data Accounts page

• Removed cancellation tab on the n the Edit Data Account for Flex customers.

• A Flex customer can only have one Flex data account

• Added Flex to the filter on the Data Accounts page

• Added restrictions to the customer portal that warns the user that before a prepaid product can be purchased, a data account must be configured and assigned to the user’s account


• Recurring Billing entries cannot be added or edited for Flex-type customers on the All Documents list screen

• Flex customers are excluded from the customer list when adding a recurring billing entry

• Flex customers will not show up in the Suspension or Cancellation Module


• Prepaid invoices cannot be cloned.

• If a transaction was successful via the customer portal a Flex invoice is automatically created and authorized for the relevant customer

• A Flex invoice has a payment type noted as “Prepaid” in the system which is visible from the list invoices screen.

• Added a new payment type called Prepaid for listed Flex invoices on the invoices screen

• Removed the due date on a Flex Invoice

• Added an additional line to a Flex invoice that indicates the Transaction ID, Service Activation Data and Service End Date

• Added an invoice status to a Flex Invoice that states Paid in Full

Edit Customer

• Removed Billing, cancellation, and Master tabs On Edit customer account details

• Added a red button called Switch to Monthly Billing to the edit customer screen that allows switching from a prepaid account to a monthly billing account. Added a warning popup that warns a user that once the switch has been made, it cannot be changed back

• On the edit customer view: “Switch to Monthly Billing” button requires Customer Write and Radius Write permissions

• Once a Flex customer exists, the status cannot be changed here (must be done on main page)

End user portal

• Optimised the end user portal to support the Netcash payment gateway for Flex customers. This includes the following payment methods: Credit & Debit card, Scan to pay and Visa click to pay.

• Updated the end user portal to cater for Flex customers. The user must accept the Terms and Conditions upon login. The view terms and conditions buttons redirect to the Master Service Terms page. Cookies are accepted as per normal

• Added a payment failure and payment successful screen. The payment failure screen displays error messages and has a home button that redirects to the End User Portal. The payment successful screen displays a confirmation of successful purchase, a home button to the end user portal and a Purchase history button that redirects to the Billing Summary page

• Added a new button (orange) to the portal called Purchase Prepaid Data that turns white when a user hovers over it

• Improved the validation process to ensure that default FLEX products cannot be selectable under the customer portal as an option to purchase even when the flex default product is modified by changing the flex period.


• Added a filter to the Customer Age Analysis Screen to accommodate Flex customers. Filtering options include all account types, Flex, and Normal

• Added a filter to the Customer List view for Flex Customer Account types


• Added a red button called Switch to Flex This action can only be done with Radius and Customer Write Permissions ON

• Added a warning popup that warns a user that once the switch has been made, it cannot be changed back

Message functionality

• Added a messaging functionality/wording to Flex. These include 48 hours SMS and e-mail; expiry notice and package change e-mails


• Modified the jobcard functionality to cater for Flex. The product field on the jobcard displays the default product as R0.00. The product that the customer clicked on the website displays in the Job Card message text box

Package Changes

• Package Changes cannot be added or edited for Flex-type customers

Other Improvements:

• Added a popup to the customer end portal that appears when a user is auto directed to the portal when running out of prepaid data

• Added a reset button to the Fibre Devices and Wireless CPE Devices Page to clear current scan results and force a resync

• Added a step to the QContact Ticket escalations workflow (escalate recovery) that displays the ticket category as CPE Recovery and the ticket detail as request recovery in Herotill

• Added the ability to click through to a QContact Contact from a lead. A button called view in helpdesk was added for this purpose. This button is visible on the Sales Lead Edit view and is only enabled if the lead has a QContact Integration ID and QContact Helpdesk Integration is enabled

• Added the ability to click through to a QContact Contact from Customer by adding a button called View Interactions to each contact. This button lets a user click through to QContact to view specific contact interactions. It is only enabled if the lead has a QContact Integration ID and QContact Helpdesk Integration is enabled

• Added the overdue balance as an embedded field to all Suspension messages (email and SMS)

• Changed BDCOM’s scanning mechanism to make use of CLI only. This has significantly improved loading speeds

• Improved the QContact Ticket Escalations workflow to include an escalation type called escalate to quote (under escalation type) when creating a ticket in Herotill

• Improved the QContact ticket escalations workflow to now include a clickable ticket link

• Insight can now receive device MAC addresses on BDCOM OLT’s, which is also used for automatching

• Modified the sort order of external tickets on the Customer Portal to display from newest ticket first

• Optimised sales coverage checks by improving code in the backend

• Updated the Add Lead workflow to cater for no touch onboarding (matching) by first checking for a matching contact in QContact Contacts. If a contact is found, it will update the Sales Lead Contact Integration ID on Herotill. If multiple contacts are found match by additional fields. Additional contacts (if found) must be manually merged. If no contact is found, a new contact is created, and this information is used to update the sales lead’s contact integration id field

• Updated the Contact Add/Edit Corteza Workflows to cater for helpdesk ticket notification settings


• Fixed an issue where master account recurring billing was not generating correctly

• Fixed an Insight error that caused MAC address duplication

• Fixed an issue where the first contact/welcome (no touch) displayed an invalid customer portal password

• Fixed a validation issue that affects having a R0 FLEX-DEFAULT product on a jobcard

• Fixed an issue where when a user clicks on Switch to monthly billing on the customer profile did not disconnect the active live session

• Radius username matching in Insight only happens if detected ONU Mac field is empty

• When a FLEX product expires instead of blocking the user’s account, the account will automatically be changed back to the Flex Default package. Customer notifications for loading the default flex product are disabled

• Removed an unnecessary check from the customer portal in the background that caused Flex prepaid options to not display properly

• Removed the customer validation process from the RICA upload landing page

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June 9, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


The core code has been rewritten to improve and stabilise all processes related to Insight. The following improvements were made:

• Added a backup now button to the Network Devices (list data table)

• Added a button to the Insight Settings page that can force the HeroTill instance to resync

• Added Single Fibre PON Port scanning as a new feature which means that a PON port can be scanned and display a result within seconds

• Antenna types with their gains now gets posted to Insight and are also updated on the Insight Server

• Devices can now be backed up on demand and in real-time

• Faster matching of CPE units now happens as a single call, which includes all the scanned devices in a single payload instead of Insight having to request a match of every CPE in a separate call

• Implemented 256 Bit AES Encryption to ensure strong security in all two-way communications between HeroTill and Insight

• Redid the cron for optimal performance

• Removed old functionality where Insight could run as a stand-alone Linux console app with input from CSV files etc. Insight now only operates as a web socket server with formatted JSON input

• Removed the SQL setup page from HeroTill

• Reported results now shows the scanned dB of a single PON port scan

• The Goal RSSI calculation is now done on Insight. Insight now posts back the results including the Goal RSSI

• Updated the CPE client widget in Customer Details to show both Fibre and Wireless CPE Device details

• Updated the database and memory processes in the background to optimise loading times and avoid it from overloading

• Updated the in and out of spec fibre table on the fibre devices table for optimised speed and accuracy

• When a network device gets changed results are posted to Insight immediately


• Added the ability to update lead contact information in HeroTill via QContact

• Realtime traffic for proxy devices have been limited to 30 second update intervals

• The Device CPE Summary button under Network Devices will be hidden for non-Insight device types

• ​ONU MAC addresses now caters for all formats


• Changed the default reply e-mail used for suspensions (support) to the accounts e-mail address

• ​Fixed an error with the Add Contact Workflow where the contact name did not update

• Fixed a billing issue where packages changes to users with multiple radius accounts affected other radius users

​• Fixed an error on the Devices page where sorting by highsite did not work​ ​ ​

• ​Fixed an issue where an Office 365 Active Directory SSO login did not redirect from the national instance ​

​​• Fixed an issue where CPE Devices sometimes get duplicate returns from Insight​

​​• Fixed an issue where Leads converted via the Digital Onboarding process resulted in the creation of additional contacts

• Fixed an issue on Insight where a legacy scanning status overwrote the scan status column

• ​Fixed an issue where leads that were created via the no touch onboarding process resulted in duplicate contacts ​ ​

• ​Fixed an issue where a legacy scanning status overwrote the scan status column

• ​Fixed an issue where the ticket description field displayed the incorrect information on the customer portal

• ​Fixed an issue where external tickets were not displaying on the customer portal

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May 10, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added a workflow that accesses the QContact API and renews an access token that expires at midnight every night

• Added a workflow that allows tickets to be escalated (with a priority) in QContact from HeroTill

• Added a workflow that when a contact is updated in Qcontact and set as a lead, updates in HeroTill

• Changed the sort order on the External tickets widget to display the newer ticket first

• Changed the ONU MAC Address label to CPE/ONU MAC Address on the Data Accounts Screen and Edit Data Account Popup and also on the Show/Hide fields to cater for new functionality

• Enhanced and optimised the workflow for QContact ticket escalation

• Improved the loading speed/scanning time of fibre devices by optimising code in the backend

• Updated the listview on fibre connections to allow number of entries to be selected


• Fixed an issue where the midnight cron returns an error when processing a cancellation tag

• Removed formatting on ONU MAC Address field on Data Account to allow values to be copied/pasted

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April 14, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added a setting (Setup–>System Settings–>Billing) that enables an account code prefix for newly created accounts

• Added a workflow that triggers when a lead is created in HeroTill, and creates the contact as a sales lead in QContact

• Added a workflow (webhook) that updates a ticket note in QContact when created in HeroTill

• Added a workflow that syncs with QContact when a contact is added, created, updated or edited on HeroTill

• Added the ability for Netmask and Broadcast IPs to be used as part of the IP Pool system in HeroTill

• Added the ability to do ACS bulk Syncing. When clicked, it will sync 100 unsynced devices

• Added a syncing button to the ACS managed devices screen (only visible with System Write permissions) and a sorting function to the Integration ID column to support this improvement

• Created a new API (get_last_highsite) that retrieves highsite and NAS details for a specific Data account (username)

• Improved fibre scanning by optimising code in the backend

• Improved the backup script to provision for routing (MikroTik Terse) backup files

• Updated the get helpdesk details API to display the ticket header text on all notes


• Fixed an issue that caused the age analysis widget dropdown to not properly load

• Fixed an issue that caused wireless devices to only display 10 rows at a time

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March 18, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added “other” as an option under selectable banks when a customer signs up

• Added a button to the Fibre CPE list page that goes to the customer details page

• Added a device type column to Network Devices

• Added a message button to the fibre devices list to inform customers of outages (bulk messaging ability)

• Added a new field and dropdown menu (Technology Standard) to Add/Edit network devices

• Added a new page called Fibre Connections under Devices–>Fibre Connections with the following new fields: Location, Device, MAC Address, Username, IP Address, Last update, TX DBM, RX DBM

• Added the ability to manually sync an ACS Device. A sync button has been under the ACS Managed Devices list for this feature (NOC and Helpdesk permissions)

• Added the ability to retrieve and display lines from an OLT log. This can be done on the Fibre Connections page (via a button) that asks for the number of lines, and a text file/pdf as output and option to download the file

• Added the ability to view/display the disconnect reason for ONU devices

• Added/hyperlinked the OLT unit on the CPE tab to quickly open the OLT on which the customer CPE device is registered on

• Improved and optimised Insight’s matching functionality

• Improved code in the backend to ensure that when a customer account is cancelled, data accounts that are deleted or cancelled remain untouched

• The OLT name now appears as a column/field on the CPE tab in Customer Details

• The ONU MAC address field now displays on the Fibre devices screen

• Updated the antenna tilt field under network devices and antennas to allow decimals

• Updated the monitor router cron to populate the client devices’ table (Fibre Devices)


• Fixed an error where tickets weren’t printing correctly

• Fixed an issue in the backend that caused bulk password changes to break

• Fixed an issue where the screen did not refresh when deleting a fibre CPE

• Fixed an issue where the incorrect highsite was selected when creating a ticket

• Restricted the creation of customers outside of the sales workflow process

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February 11, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added a closed date/time field as a hidden field on the helpdesk ticket list

• Added a menu item under Tools–>Database Tools–>Recreate customer data account lists. This tool removes unused data accounts from the Data Accounts CSV field on Customers

• Added a page to display API Logs namely Tools–>API–>API log

• Added an API that adds/updates and edits calendar events

• Added an API that updates job cards

• Added an upload URL to no touch onboarding that creates a response via the Create Lead API

• Added code in the backend to allow QContact to transfer leads to other instances

• Added Finbond as a selectable bank/payment method

• Added the ability to expand the note (view) from within the Customer Portal

• Added the ability to setup webhooks for audit items. Created a page for this: Setup–>System Settings–>Webhook Integration

• Added the ability to log webhook calls to the API log. Also added a disable/enable switch for this function

• Changed the suspension warning e-mail wording from “final warning for (account code)” to “final notice for (account code)

• Changed the tab order Edit Data Account so that ‘Audit trail’ appears at the end

• Improved the Customer Contacts Audit trail by adding a search option to the audit trail widget on Customer Profile

• Updated code in the backend to ignore data accounts that are already cancelled

• Updated the CPE Devices list to display the interface field for fibre devices

• Updated the midnight cron to automatically remove fixed IP addresses once a cancellation has been approved and processed


• Applied a fix in the backend to ensure that all helpdesk tickets saves in a base64 encoded format (caused some tickets to display incorrectly)

• Fixed an issue on debtors where jobcard lines displayed incorrect tax options

• Fixed an issue on debtors where quote lines displayed incorrect tax options

• Fixed an issue where a cancellation set at data account level did not create a cancellation helpdesk ticket

• Fixed an issue where an e-mail requesting compliance went to a customer instead of an agent

• Fixed an issue where antennas could not be added on the Add new device screen

• Fixed an issue where duplicate address search objects caused lead addresses to save as blanks

• Fixed an issue with Insight that caused the ftp details not being captured (when backups were not enabled)

• Fixed an issue where closed tickets are re-opened with an unassociated e-mail address

• Removed the ticket functionality from the DataTill app as Qcontact will replace this

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January 17, 2022

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added an e-mail button to the sales lead’s messages tab which allows the mail related to the sales lead message to be downloaded


• Fixed an error where HTML formatting sometimes didn’t display correctly

• Fixed an issue where the include monitoring button was not visible to all device types on the Edit Network devices screen

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December 14, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added the ability for Insight to provide/generate an API key for data security purposes. This key can be added and used within HeroTill (System Setup)

• Added code in the backend to provide standalone capability and functionality for Insight within HeroTill

• Added APIs for updating devices (wireless) and supported functionality to Insight. The API’s can also generate and scan devices

• Added an API for user permission retrieval. This includes fetching a list of branches (codes and names) to which a user has specific permission/s

• Added a setup page/screen for insight integration (Setup–>Insight setup)

• Added two new switches (Insight Cron Enabled and Insight Backup enabled) to the Insight Setup Page. These switches ensure that Insight’s scanning and backup runs independently

• Added a field that displays Insight’s last backup status on HeroTill

• Added the ability to fetch and view device probe history results

• Added the ability for Insight to backup Network Devices via SSH

• Added an audit capability for these new settings

• Updated the UI in Device Monitoring setup to allow these settings to be entered and saved

• Updated the system and applied changes to cater for Insight’s installation and update requirements in the backend

• Updated the crons to run Insight in the background


• Fixed an issue where a paused customer’s suspension status could not be reset

• Fixed an issue where the suspension module takes an extra day to automatically update a customer’s suspension status

• Fixed an error that displayed when you click on Edit Devices

• Turned off the delete button on Edit Highsites

• Fixed a cosmetic spacing issue on edit network devices that appears when router type is selected

• Fixed an issue where the Devices tab on Edit Highsites displayed a blank page. The number of active connections is now calculated/displayed as determined by the new cron

• Fixed an issue where the “show number of rows” dropdown did not display correctly on Highsite Device and Highsite Assets on Edit Highsites

• If ACS functionality is not enabled, the tab will not appear on Add/Edit network devices

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December 14, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:



• Created an API that fetches a list of customer contacts

• Created an API that adds a new contact for a given HeroTill customer

• Added a page (Tools–>APi–>API Log) to display the API logs in the system

• Added an API that can update existing customer contract details

• Added an API for customer contacts to sync with Qcontact

• Created an API that retrieves line items for the billing document

• Created the ability to generate QContact OAuth token and refresh

• Added the ability to enable QContact integration in the Helpdesk Settings page

• Added the ability to generate a token from the Settings Page–>Generate token

• Added an audit functionality for QContact integration setting (accounting integration (settings–>accounting_integration)

• Updated the midnight cron to refresh the token daily

• Added a new field (ticket integration id) to the Helpdesk to allow for integration with QContact (also updated the API and helpdesk ticket table)

• Extended the customer APIs to include additional fields (VIP)

• Created the ability to sync contact details between QContact and HeroTill

• Created a new view for additional contacts: view customer additional contacts to support this function

• Created the ability to view QContact cases on customer profile

• These tickets can be viewed under Edit customer (external tickets widget) has been added

• Updated the Lead API and process to enable QContact/HeroTill integration (contact can be created in QContact and triggers lead creation in HeroTill)

• Updated the customer portal to allow users to view/edit and create tickets from QContact

• Extended the data account API to include addresses

• Added a new tool (Tools–>Database Options–>Recreate customer data account lists) that removes deleted Radius accounts from the CSV file that gets exported/imported in QContact (avoids/removes unnecessary info being exported to QContact)


• Improved the selection of highsites on network devices by:

o Removing the area and device location field from Devices Add/Edit popup
o Removing the ability to add a Highsite (+) from the Device Add/Edit popup

• The highsite field now displays a single field that displays the highsite name, highsite location and area (which is searchable)


• Added a CDV check for improved banking validation

• Removed the branch name field from the UI as the CDV check automatically validates this

• Highsite on UI displays as Highsite/POP everywhere in the system: Network Devices List Add/Edit, Helpdesk ticket list, Highsite menu, list and add/edit popup; Reports: Highsite billing summary

• Added a new security feature: Single Sign On (SSO) logins using Microsoft Active Directory

• Added the ability for an admin user to revoke these sessions for individual signed-in users


• The coverage checker now uses each branch’s configured Google API key for address lookups

• Fixed an issue where the area field was not displayed on Add/Edit devices. It is now displayed as a read-only field

• Fixed an issue where the call-to-action buttons on quote acceptance did not render on certain mail clients

• Fixed an issue where the device parameters value field within the Edit Data popup (ACS devices) did not display correctly

• Fixed an issue where old date values were not omitted from debit order batches

• Disabled the close and cancel buttons on helpdesk ticket closure to ensure that the ticket does indeed execute/complete

• Removed device location from the network device add/edit page

• Updated the mail scraper logic to support emojis in mails

• Fixed an error where the last highsite showed the default highsite from billing settings.

• Renamed Last Highsite on Data Accounts to Current Active Highsite

• Renamed the last device column to Current NAS on Data Accounts

• Fixed an issue where Insight’s settings were not saving when a new instance was being installed

• Replaced the Google dynamic map with a static map on the customer details page

• Fixed an error where a tooltip did not display correctly on network devices and ACS Devices submenu

• Limited the autocomplete lookup function on maps

• Fixed an issue with the midnight cron that caused sync issues with the ACS sync process

• Fixed a SQL error on the Customer Map

• Modified the Add Lead API parameters to allow for easier validation from QContact

• Fixed an issue where Imported devices did not have an integration_id added to the acs_devices table automatically

• Implemented a Soap service for CDV check

• Fixed a SQL error on the ACS Devices tab of Network devices

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October 14, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following bug fixes:


• Debit order V2 – duplicate dates not being removed from being displayed

• Fixed an error on suspension unblocking where the current age analysis is included in the age analysis total

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September 28, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Optimised code to improve performance for bulk coverage sales checks

• Added the ability to update the username on a data account

• Added a new permission level Data Account Usernames which must be enabled to use this function:

• Only master accounts’ usernames can be changed
• Historical names no longer display under the usage view screen
• Once a username has changed, it will appear as such under billing, cancellations, accounting etc.


• Fixed an issue where the CPE tab on Edit Customers did not display correctly

ACS Fixes

• Fixed an incorrect sorting order issue

• Fixed an import issue that created parameters with duplicate sort order values

• Converted the ACS UTC time to GMT+2 to ensure consistency

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September 28, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following bug fixes:


• Enabled the current month in progress to be selectable for recon (NetSuite)

• Fixed an issue where a credit note/adjustment can be done after being processed

• Fixed an issue where document number prefix invoice number created duplication

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September 2, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Changed the Email Subject in update and closure email notifications to contain the helpdesk ticket title

• The ACS Managed devices menu has moved from the Devices menu to the top-level menu for better visibility

• Added additional columns to ACS exports and imports


• Fixed an error where ACS managed device parameters were displayed incorrectly when editing them

• Updated ACS exports and imports to reflect correct values

• Fixed an issue where the delete button on the ACS integration node page displayed incorrectly

• Fixed an error where the Edit CPE tab stopped working on the Edit Customer page

• Fixed an issue where the CPE data grid displayed incorrectly

• Fixed an issue where a customer’s address is modified when the GPS pin is moved

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August 25, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added the ability to pick/add Cambium devices to CPE devices (List_CPE_Devices)

• Added rules in the backend to cater for Different Outer VLan (Juniper upgrade)

• Updated the reporting layout for wireless device integrations

• Updated code in the backend to cater for CPE Model Defaults as required by Insight

• Updated highsite validations for RF reporting to allow highsites to have the same name if they are different areas. Areas need to be unique on the code and/or name a location can contain several highsites

• Updated Insight to populate highsite (area) fields on data accounts

• Updated the Devices Setup UI for antenna and mask details for a better user experience


• Updated and redirected privacy policy links to the correct locations

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August 6, 2021

Included in this feature release are the following updates, improvements, and bug fixes:


• Added the ability to edit parameters for ACS managed devices

• Added the ability to delink and reboot an ACS managed device from HeroTill

• Added ability to apply previous parameter settings to a device

• Added the ability to add/edit templates for ACS managed devices

• Added a button to push and pull latest parameters to and from GenieACS

• Added the ability to import and validate ACS configurations, including parameters, templates, and nodes

UI And UX:

• Added a new menu header under Network Devices–>ACS Managed Devices to cater for the new functionality

• Added the ability to (call) GenieACS to Push (set) and Pull (get) parameter values for ACS managed devices in HeroTill Parameters can be pushed and pulled to and from GenieACS. This is done on the ACS Managed Devices Page

• Added a new menu under Network Devices–>ACS Managed Devices–>ACS Device Parameters screen where template parameters for ACS Network-managed devices can be viewed or set (NOC/GM Permissions On). Devices’ Parameters can be edited and copied

• Added a new menu item: Devices–>ACS Managed devices–>ACS Parameter nodes. Device parameter integration nodes are stored here which creates a view/translation of the different ACS Managed devices. Parameters can be added, edited, and cloned in this view

• Added a menu item: Devices–>ACS managed devices–>ACS device templates

• Added a page (Devices–>ACS Managed Devices–>ACS Managed device history) to display ACS managed devices history

• Added an audit trail for ACS managed devices. This can be viewed under Edit Customer and Tools–>Audit Trail

• Added a page (Devices–>ACS Manage Devices–>All ACS Devices) to centrally manage all devices

• Added a view (Devices–>ACS Managed Devices–>ACS Orphan Devices) to show orphaned devices in GENIEACS and HeroTill

• Added a page under Devices–>ACS Managed Devices–>ACS Integration Setup to capture ACS Integration configuration settings. This includes the Gateway address, port, Encryption key and IV

• Added the ability to order parameters within a template to display the order in which they were added

• Added an information icon next to each parameter which displays the parameter description as hover text

• Added a description box/field to the Edit ACS parameter nodes

• Added tooltips to ACS Managed Devices for a better user experience

Claim GenieACS Managed Devices On Customer Data:

• Added the ability to “Claim” managed devices from GeniesACS. In HeroTill this provides visibility on which network device (for example a high site), location and branch the device was claimed by

• Added the ability to search GenieACS for a device and to claim it against a data account for a customer

Authentication And Encryption Permissions:

• Added an API gateway to GenieACS for better authentication/encryption of data between HeroTill and GenieACS

• Added the ability to bulk reset passwords on ACS Managed Devices (ACS Managed Devices Page)

• Updated cron jobs to allow syncing of device parameters to GenieACS

• Updated helpdesk, NOC/ Device permission levels to cater for ACS

• Added a cancelled tag to ACS Managed devices to inform GENIEACS when a data account associated with it has been cancelled

• Migrated the API gateway to container (docker image) to store the gateway API files and to improve scalability and redundancy


• Updated the payment method in the digital onboarding process to always default to direct debit order

• Removed the EFT payment method from digital onboarding

• Fixed an issue where a helpdesk ticket for a sales lead was being assigned an incorrect category when it moved to quotes

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July 20, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• To reflect the new hub structure, number prefix configuration settings has been added to Billing settings to appear in front of every new transaction (invoices, credit notes and adjustments). If the branch prefix is AB:

o Invoices: ABINV0446508
o Credit Notes: ABCRN0020172
o Adjustments: ABAD0030009


• Fixed an issue where active sessions filtering on NAS did not work

• Fixed an issue with cancellation edit profile where incorrect ID values were used rather than the accounting code

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July 13, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Improved address usability in sales leads and digital onboarding screens

Extended the monthly account recon functionality

• The recon (screen) now displays draft batches in comparison specifying the different statuses of each
• Added a warning symbol that indicates if any HeroTill batches are still in processing or in draft mode
• Added a Fix All button to fix batches based on their (comparative) status in Netsuite, group fix batches or individually
• The Fix it function shows sent notifications for each batch fixed. It either resets or updates the batch + recon screen accordingly


• Fixed an error on the Month-End V2 screen that did not display the confirm month-end completed on/by fields

• Fixed an issue where the import wizard for invoice and credit notes set the method of payment for certain customers to direct debit when it was not their chosen payment method. It now defaults to EFT

• Fixed an issue where a customer’s address changes when the GPS pin is moved. The location now remains fixed

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June 24, 2021

Included in this feature release are the following updates, improvements and bug fixes:



• Added the ability to add and edit standard antenna setting

• Added the ability to link an antenna to a device. This menu can be accessed under Devices –>Antennas

Google Maps Elevation API

• Added the ability to use the Google Maps Elevation API to determine Altitude (elevation) for a customer by adding 2 fields to System Settings:

• Google Elevation Active (YES/NO toggle)
• and a field to enter the API key

• Highsites now store Mast Altitude And Mast Height values obtained by the API. These can still be added/edited manually

• Added a new field to Radius users table (Location Radius GPS Position)

Create table and views to manage Client Devices

To provide visibility of client devices (CPE’s, routers etc) to and to easily troubleshoot connections between CPE Devices and network devices (base-stations), we have added a new menu item under Devices–> CPE Devices. This view is similar to that of wireless connection page

• Added an additional tab on the Data Account popup (CPE) to include client device details

• Added ability to add and edit a new Client device

• Added ability to link existing CPE devices to a data account

• Customer Devices will appear on the Customer Profile –>Edit Screen just below the active data sessions


• Improved the monitor_wifi_clients cron to populate details into the CPE Devices Table

Probe Templates

• Added the ability to set up probe templates to be linked to Devices. This feature is currently not working, placeholder values have been created until it is used

Device Login Credentials

• Added functionality to add/edit/cater for default device login credentials by adding a new view (Devices–>CPE Device monitoring Setup–>Default Login Credentials). Fields for this view:

• Type
• Subtype
• Device Make
• Default User
• Device Login Password
• SNMP Community
• SNMP Port
• Devices can be added and edited in this view

Helpdesk Functionality

• Updated the Helpdesk Ticket functionality to link a highsite and customer devices by adding a Highsite (name) and Client Device Field (MAC Address and device name)

Device Monitoring Page

•Updated the device monitoring setup page (Devices–>Device Monitoring Setup–>Device Monitoring) to give a detailed overview of a sector antenna with its connected clients to assist with troubleshooting. This includes displaying a device’s:

• Name
• IP and MAC address
• Current signal strength
• Distance
• RSSI and Goal RRSI (and calculating and displaying the difference between them)
• Showing the difference
• Show the Gain

• Added the ability to search and go directly to the detected address (Search Icon)

Additional network devices

• Updated the system to add/support additional network device makes and sub types for customer devices

Modified Job Cards to cater for CPE device integration

• Added two settings to a job card (after an installation has been scheduled) to indicate whether a job required CPE changes (YES/NO toggle), and if Yes, to specify the CPE Device address

Station Performance graph and view station button

• Added the ability to display the performance of a CPE device in a graph format/popup view. This has been added as a View Station Performance button on the:

• Data Account CPE Tab for each listed device (view station performance)
• Customer Widget CPE device list (for each device)
• All CPE Devices List (Devices–>CPE Monitoring Setup–>CPE Devices)

Edit/Delete CPE Devices

• Added the ability to edit/delete CPE devices on the Client Device Widget (Customer Profile Edit)

SSH Port

• Added a new SSH (port) field to the Edit Client Devices Popup

RF Calculator Functionality

• Added 3 new fields to the Device Monitoring Setup page to cater for the RF calculator agent:

• Agent URL
• Agent Port
• and Agent API token. The API token is generated on the user record. If it is updated on the user’s record, it must be manually updated on the device monitoring setup page as well

• Removed wording “This can take a long time for lots of users” to streamline process

Sector up and downtime fields

• Added 2 fields (total download and total upload speeds) to the Devices–>Network Devices–>Network Devices–>View Sector Station view

• These fields also sums and displays the total up/downtime for the Sector

Highsite Areas

• Added a new view (Devices–>Highsites–>Areas) to show specific area codes and names for highsites

• These areas can be added and edited and displays an area shortcode and area description

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June 21, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Fixed Incorrect Filter for Highsites on Customer Usage

• Fixed missing toggles on all Hotspot Mode Selections

• Fixed customer merge not merging receipt transactions correctly

• Fixed bug causing some closed tickets not being synced to consolidation

• Cleared consolidated ticket list on national

• Reset consolidation ticket attributes on branch level for resync

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June 11, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added the option for new and existing customers (including the customer portal) to opt in for promotional material in the form of a Yes/No slider. This process is triggered from Create Customer, Sales Workflow and Digital Onboarding, and includes:

•  a Promotional Notifications Field to Edit Customers List (hidden by default)
• an added field to account details to reflect the customer’s decision
• The toggle can also be found on Edit Customer, Customer Portal, Add Customer
• This choice will also reflect in the audit trail

• Added a more descriptive cookie notification

• Improved the address lookup


• Fixed an issue where the filter on the non-data products screen, add/edit non-data product and view all data products showed product type exclusions set in the debtors module

• No-touch tickets are now assigned to Compliance

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June 4, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


Modified Sales Workflow to cater for No Touch Sales Process

Upgraded the HeroTel website to allow customers to select a product, input their banking details, accept the debit mandate and master service terms and submit it.

The first intervention the agent will have is at compliance stage to ensure everything is in order before the installation is arranged. This is known as No Touch onboarding.

• Added the ability to capture all the required sales lead information on the website. This information is then passed to HeroTill through the Add Sales Lead API which then:

• creates a sales lead with no workflow status

• the survey status of the lead is set as ‘Not required’

• a quote is created based on the Product Code selected on the sign-up page

• quote status is set to ‘Accept ‘and the quote status on the lead summary is updated

• a customer then gets created with the relevant details

• acceptance of Debit Mandate compliance and Terms and Conditions is updated and audited with the customer’s IP and Date/Timestamp

• if all documents have been successfully updated, the lead workflows status is updated

• an email sent to customer with link to a new page for uploading of compliance documents where the customer must either log in or receive a OTP for verification before they can view the upload functionality.


• Added on-screen totals on the debtors receipts screen

• Added a floating footer to the user screen, admin and customer portal (mobile app) reminding the user that HeroTill uses cookies to function properly, and that they must click on Accept to continue using it. Also includes a hyperlink to the privacy policy. This has been done to ensure that we are POPIA compliance

• Added the ability to link and view the privacy policy in HeroTill. When clicked it opens in a new tab and takes the customer to the support website and displays the policy there. This has been done to ensure POPIA compliance

• Updated the Licence agreement that a user sees when they access a HeroTill version for the first time to no longer contain any mentions/references to DataTill


• Fixed an issue on Lead To Receipt where authorised invoices remained stuck under the ACTIVE Tab and did not move to the COMPLETED Tab

• Fixed an issue where the Invoice age analysis Paid field was displaying null values

• Fixed legacy system calls to recurring billing generation which resulted in possible duplicate billing

• Fixed an issue where the month-end screen refused to move to the next step after invoices were authorised

• Removed the “amount paid” from the invoice to avoid confusion. It now simply only states the Amount Due

• Removed Debit Order v2 reliance on specified dates in billing settings for Debit Order batch generation

• Fixed an issue on Proxy where the Push to Server Button did not work. It now updates all Proxy Servers in bulk

• Fixed an issue where notes on the quote template did not pull through when the quote was generated

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April 21, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes


• Recurring billing entries from sub-accounts will now have the prefix of the sub-account in the description field. This will also appear on the tax invoice

• Added a setting/toggle on Edit customer–>Master Account–> Consolidate Billing to Master Account (Recurring billing) that allows the consolidation of recurring billing on that account. Bill all to Master must be enabled for this setting to work

• Editing a recurring billing entry (when Bill to Master is enabled) now has an option for a user to specify if the entry is for the master/sub-account

• Saving the Master Account customer with Consolidate All To Master feature enabled reassigns all sub-account entries to the Master Account. This will result in both the Master and sub-accounts recurring billing entries being regenerated. A popup will appear reminding the user about this

• Added a toggle to Add New Recurring Billing entry that allows the user to select Sub-Account linked ON/OFF

• When adding a new recurring billing entry to the master account, a list of enabled sub-accounts linked to the master account appears


• Disabled the ability for users to add recurring entries to a sub-account. Added a warning to the recurring widget informing the user that entries cannot be added here

• Fixed an issue where an agent could not edit a user’s bank details. This can only be done if the agent has Customer Care HOD permission/s enabled

• The system will check/validate the Debit Mandate compliance documents (if it exists)

• These changes will be added to the audit trial

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April 13, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes


• A progress update bar will now inform the user about the duration when generating auto categories

• Added an ONU MAC address field to Add New Data Account screen for Fibre

• Increased Debtors batching process/performance by optimising code in the backend

• Improved file uploading on RICA documentation to be resilient over bad connectivity on new sign-ups


• Added the ability to send bulk SMS outage notifications via the Data Accounts page

• Added a filter to the last used field on the Data Accounts page

• The contact mobile field now pulls all the mobile numbers associated with the account

• Added an SMS button to the Data Accounts page. Messages are only sent to active Data Accounts

• Added a Batch to Gateway button that uses the API to send SMS messages. The settings depends on the specific gateway, which can be set up in Setup–> Notifications–>SMS gateway

• Added an Export to CSV option that generates a list of notifications sent. Note that these notifications are only visible in the CSV file and not in the system

• Improved the speed at which SMS’s are sent from the system when using the ‘Send To Gateway’ button


• Re-added the NetSuite Default Item Class/Technology Field to Account integration settings

• Fixed an error where a cancellation approval is automatically processed via an email link

• Fixed an error where the audit trail on product changes displayed incorrect information

• Hardened cancellation and digital onboarding forms against MS Office 365 email crawlers. To prevent this from happening:

• Going to the verification page does not select the email address by default
• Labels changed to read “Send Verification Code” by default to match preferred option
• Not displaying email by default, only if explicitly selected. If no option is selected a “Send verification code” and “provide SMS or email option” will appear
• For existing customers, clicking CONNECT ME takes the customer to a verification page for a verification code, whereupon accepted they will be redirected to the login page
• Cancellations: Removed the default action for the ‘Do you want us to contact you’, ‘Don’t Cancel’ and ‘Yes cancel’ buttons. If a explicit decision was not made, a popup stating “Kindly confirm how you want us to contact you/not” will appear

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April 7, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Improved the speed of batch invoice authorisation by optimising code in the backend

• Added the ability to redirect suspended customers to a static suspension notice page

• Added a dropdown value “Suspended” to Hotspot Locations

• Added a field to data accounts that shows the ONU MAC address


• Removed ID validation on the Digital Onboarding sign up page to accommodate passport numbers as well

• Restored the ability to delete data accounts but only for users who have the Customer Care HOD modify permission levels enabled

• Fixed a rounding display error on monthly savings

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March 19, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Improved/migrated the billing to run on the server-side (backend of the program) which optimises performance, ensures faster generation, resulting in limited downtime. This improvement also removes the need for the user to be online during the generation process


• Fixed an issue where during the generation of recurring items and invoices, null values were generated by improving code in the backend

• Fixed an error where a customer with a credit balance could be deleted from the system

• If a recurring billing entry that has a legacy VAT rate is edited, the rate will default to the current system value

• Auto update paid flag of R 0 invoices when invoice becomes overdue

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March 4, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Improved the mail processing system based on the sending mail server to ensure faster delivery of times by giving priority to reply to: sales@, then support@, then accounts@, then other mails in the queue

• Added a column to data accounts that now shows GPS coordinates

• Added the ability to link an asset to a user. Assets can now be assigned to a user if the location type under ‘Edit User’ is set to stored,highsite or customer

• Created the ability to import assets into the assets register. New menu item created under Tools–>Import/Export Menu


• Fixed an issue on Leads: Invoicing and the invoice pdf that caused the recurring amount and once-off amount to calculate and display incorrectly

• Fixed an issue where rejecting quote after sales have accepted it caused clunky/unstable behaviour by optimising code in the back-end

• Fixed an issue where the account update request email sent was sent from the sales mailbox instead of accounts mailbox

• Fixed an error where a blank date were selectable as debit order day in the customer portal

• Fixed an issue where data account GPS coordinates were not saving properly

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February 19, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following bug fixes:


• Added additional security checks for deleted customers on billing document authorisation to ensure that documents cannot be authorised after a customer has been deleted


• Fixed an issue where a user was unable to delete categories if there were open (but deleted) tickets in this category by changing system logic to only prevent categories from being deleted if there are open/active tickets (ignoring open/deleted tickets)

• Fixed an error that did not alert a user when trying to delete a helpdesk category linked to other tickets

• Fixed an issue where the midnight cron caused suspension notices to get linked to cancellation tickets/notifications

• Fixed an issue where admin users could only select EFT on customers active in lead to receipt

• Fixed an issue where Debtors Enabled receipt matching updated customer suspensions regardless of checking/validating the module being enabled

• Fixed an issue where a customer quote pdf does not wrap neatly over two pages

• Fixed an error where the service contract incorrectly calculated and displayed the correct total

• Fixed an issue where lead contact number and email addresses did not pull through correctly from signup form

• Fixed an issue where statements were created on customers with no transactions

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February 12, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added the ability to see a helpdesk ticket’s details, filter, search and export the details (read-only). Accessible via Workflow –>Ticket Details list. This function is only accessible with GM or Helpdesk supervisor permissions enabled

• Added code in the backend to ensure that debit batching can handle null values

• Added the option to display the cancellation reason for a customer under Customer Profile–> Account details widget for better visibility

Added some security enhancements to digital onboarding:

• Removed the Cash and Credit card option as a payment option from the entire instance
• Admin users can change a customer (individual or company)’s payment method to either Direct Debit or EFT on the sales workflow
• Individual or company customer can only select Direct Debit or EFT as payment methods
• Admin users can only select EFT as payment option in the Customer Billing–>Billing details widget
• Customers can only select Direct Debit on the customer portal as a payment method


• Fixed an error on statements between the first document date and due dates that omitted some transactions

• Fixed an error on the import customer radius product links that caused some radius accounts’ pricing mode and monthly cost not being set/displayed

• Fixed an error that caused a reference error when editing a customer data account

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February 8, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added rule to the system when Debit Order V2 is enabled, onboarding will only display the onboarding debit days namely: 1st, 16th, or the 26th

• Added a Legacy product field to data accounts to display legacy accounts for reporting purposes (hidden by default)

• Added a data accounts column to the Helpdesk ticket list and on the Customer profile Helpdesk widget to improve visibility/easily see a data account associated with a particular account

• When a helpdesk ticket is created, a customer’s name will now appear in the top banner above the ticket to increase the viewability on the ticket but also make it easier to find

• Added the ability for a 0% VAT rating to be selectable when Debtors is enabled. A column (default off) has been added to the List recurring screen to view this

• Data Account labels are now viewable/displayed on the Customer Profile Data Account Widgets (Edit Customer and Edit data account) for an improved experience

• Added A Primary contact label to Customer Contact Details on the Customer Profile window to make it easier for agents to find primary contact details for a customer


• Fixed an error in the suspensions module where if a customer group is set to suspensions disabled

• Removed the Delete Radius button on the Data Accounts list page and on the Customer Profile–> Data Accounts widget

• Disabled the delete option from List and Edit Customer window for all users except those with Data Projection Modify permission enabled

• Fixed an issue where recurring billing was not archiving correctly

• Fixed issue where backups did not work as expected

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February 2, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added a Filter by Customer option to the Invoices Screen. This filter can also sort by All Customers, Suspended Customers, and Not Suspended Customers

• Blocked invoices belonging to suspended customers from being authorised. For an individual authorisation (suspended customer), a warning popup will appear confirming that the user wishes to authorise a suspended customer’s billing

• Created the ability to calculate and display savings on data accounts with custom pricing.This includes:

• Two fields have been added on Data Account under custom pricing tab:Standard Product Cost and Monthly saving
• On the invoice sent to the customer (pdf), these savings (words) will be added to the service description/line item
• Added the product code field to the pricing exceptions
• Display percentage saving on tax invoice only if custom pricing was applied to this account

• Added a check to the NetSuite receipt CSV import function to determine whether a push or pull of receipts was last done to avoid consecutive/multiple pushes being done without pulling information into HeroTill. For every push to Netsuite, a pull needs to be done into HeroTill before another CSV push can be done


• Restricted ability of normal users to delete tickets. Tickets can only be deleted/bulk deleted to System admin users (Admin users only permission setting)

• Fixed an error where disabling Freecdv checker caused bank and branch names to be saved incorrectly

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January 18, 2021

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:

Feature Update: Debit order Mandates in HeroTill

To legally comply with RICA, ICASA, and PASA requirements to authorise debit order mandates in HeroTill, we have made the improvements and following changes:


• Added the ability to send messages (E-mail and SMS) from the Consolidated Customer list on the national instance. A specific branch needs to be selected before messages can be sent. GM permissions need to be active on the user to use this function

• Added the ability to select a from email address when sending messages and bulk messages

• From address has been added as a hidden field on the message log. The from address is also visible available on the view message popup

• Added mail selector to send a message on customer profile

• Improved the loading times on the debit batch details screen by optimising code in the backend

• Added a new field and filter to the Customers screen to indicate if a customer has accepted an electronic debit mandate

• Added settings to the edit compliance document by adding 2 toggles to determine if the compliance document is related to an individual or a company

• Updated the customer profile view to display only relevant compliance documents based on the customer being an individual/company

• Added additional company fields and settings for ICASA and registration number on Setup–>Systems Setup–>Company Settings that pulls through to pdf service contract sent to customers and loaded on their profile

• Added measures/parameters to ensure that quote links expire after 30 days as quotes are only valid for 30 days

• Added company banking details settings for companies (Abbreviated short name (ABSN) to be displayed on the debit order mandate (Billing–>Billing Setup –> Invoice and Credit Note) generate settings screen

• Added settings to the sales setup for Terms and Conditions URL, debit order mandate and RICA documentation notes

• Added CDV check for basic bank detail verification to verify validity of banking details before they are submitted. An enable/disable option has been added to Billing Setup to enable or disable this functionality

• Added the ability to send a link to existing customers to update their banking details and in doing so generating electronic debit order mandates for existing customers (Insert update details URL). This can be done through the bulk messaging function on the List Customers screen

• Added a service order contract pdf that is generated after the customer captures /updates information, agrees to the terms and conditions, completes the debit order mandate, and submitted/approved all the necessary information after quote acceptance. It contains:

• Company registration and ICASA license number
• Quote number
• Abbreviated short name (ABSN)
• E-mandate acceptance timestamp and IP address used
• Consent to master terms and IP address used and authorisation method

 Enhanced Quote Confirmation Process

• Updated wording on configuration e-mail sent to customer to comply with legal requirements

• Display a quote authorization page after quote acceptance with e-mail or SMS options.

• Buttons renamed:

• Accept Quote and Update Details now called “Connect Me!”
• Decline Quote → “I want Another Package!”

• Update Customer details: similar to service contract page, to be RICA and PASA compliant in 4 steps:

• Information verification
• Purchase confirmation
• Payment confirmation
• RICA verification

• Added validation checks to this process to ensure correctness of entered data

• Added an audit trial option to Customers: Terms and conditions and Debit Order mandate to indicate when terms and conditions acceptance has taken place

• On the sales workflow, when a prospective customer has filled in all their information after accepting a quote, the customer is automatically created and the lead automatically goes to customer compliance with the relevant compliance documents already in place. Sales agents should verify correctness of compliance documents

• When customers click on ‘I want another package’, the lead will now move to Quotes New in the sales workflow

• Selectable Debit Order day options for onboarding now only shows three standard debit dates, namely: 1st 16th and 26th


• Fixed an issue on the Sales Workflow that caused rating counters and customers update counters to not display correctly

• Fixed an issue where future generated debit order dates were incorrectly calculated to go off before the invoice date

• Restricted functionality for deleting calendar events so that only people with operations assigner write permission can delete calendar events

• Restricted the ability of admin users to update a customer’s banking details to comply with the introduction of the new electronic mandates. If details are incorrect, a link must be sent to a customer to request them to change their own details

• Fixed an error where special characters caused e-mails to helpdesk and sales leads to be cut off

• Fixed an issue where the Lead Summary Page did not update correctly on complete jobs and processed invoices

• Fixed an issue where bulk messaging did not append the correct individual URL when sending bulk messages

• Fixed an issue where the suspension module filter for Active and Cancelled Customers did not pull information through correctly

• Removed the Add Customer option from the Customers dropdown, List Customer View and button on customer profile view to ensure that customers cannot be added outside of the L2R process

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December 14, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Turned off public in-app sales lead applications for standardization

• Hardened incoming sales lead processing

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December 14, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Updated other billing document pdfs to contain page numbers, bank detail fields to only appear on one page, and column header fields to repeat on each page


• Fixed an error that caused automatically unsuspended accounts to not unblock radius accounts with a null expiry date

• Fixed an error that caused month-end configurations to be stored as a date and not a day, resulting in incorrect recurring billing dates

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November 25, 2020

Included in this feature release the following improvements and bug fixes have been added:


We have developed a new module that manages and maintains a list of contractors by
creating unique (QR) badges with expiry dates for them. These QR codes are scanned and verified on the herotel.com site. The main functionality includes:

• The system generates a badge containing a unique QR code for representatives

• Once a contractor entry has been created the link to the online badge can be sent to the contractor via email or SMS. A copy of the badge is also available as a pdf copy (for printing purposes)

• Scanning the QR code takes you to the HeroTel website where the badge is verified

• Extra security measures for this feature:

• a stolen or lost badges can be invalidated by regenerating a new badge
• an audit trail for better visibility
• expiry dates


• Added a migration solution to consolidate customer, sales leads, and helpdesk ticket views on the national instance

• Improved Debtors: the starting range of a statement now takes into account a billing document’s due date rather than the document date to give a customer better visibility

• Updated the appearance of pdf statements to now contain page numbers and display information more neatly (tables to not span over 2 pages e.g)


• Fixed an issue where the cancellation counter was displaying incorrect values

• Fixed an issue on consolidated leads that caused the filters not to work correctly

• Fixed an issue that produced a blank first page where the first page of a statement in the debtors module

• Renamed the Contractor Badges module to Representative Badges Module

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November 23, 2020

This exclusive new HeroTill feature release for HeroTel branches introduces the following improvements, updates and upgrades, with a particular focus on the cancellation module:


• Added a field to the VOIP import billing to now specify the selling price

• Added the ability to the debtor’s module to export files to the new standard Excel (xlsx) format


Helpdesk tickets

• Added the ability for a helpdesk ticket to be triggered from the moment the user flags an account for cancellation until complete cancellation in the account workflow

• A new note will be added to every step of the helpdesk ticket

• Only one helpdesk ticket will be created and updated during the whole process

Cancellation Reasons

• Cancellation reasons are now stored for both data and customer accounts

• Reasons are selected from a drop-down menu (fixed) (set in billing settings)

• Added an additional comments text box that allows for efficient reporting and standardisation across the system that can be used can be free text and are also written to the database. This can be found on the edit customer cancellation menu

Accounts workflow 

• Removed the customer/data account mode switch from the account workflow screen. Instead, all data accounts set for cancellations will appear here and display all records in Data Account Mode

• Added a customer filter to allow all the data account to be visible for a single customer at a time

• To ensure that a customer cancellation appears in the accounts workflow, when a customer cancellation is triggered (when the cancellation date and reason is set on the Customer Profile), all the Data Accounts for that Customer should be set to have the same cancellation date and cancellation reason (as it was set on the customer):

• Added a Customer Balance field next to Customer Name to quickly show customers that are due for cancellation where they have an outstanding balance

• Added a view helpdesk button to each row to be able to navigate to the helpdesk ticket associated with the data account cancellation request

• Added an approve cancellation button that ensures that only a single email is sent to a customer, listing the data accounts (not one email per data account)

Customer Approvals:

• If a customer clicks ‘No’ in the confirmation page the record moves to the completed tab
• If a customer clicks ‘Yes’ on the confirmation page, the record moves to confirmed
• If a user overrides the customer approval, the record moves to confirmed

 Cancellation and customer validation

• Added validation to the system to ensure that you cannot cancel a master account customer that has linked active sub-accounts customers:

• If no data accounts exist, cancellation date and cancellation reasons fields will be greyed out

• Updated the wording to reflect these changes

• Changed the Clear button to clear the value of the Cancellation Date as well as the Reason fields

Cancellation approval notification and settings

• Updated the system to generate email notifications instead of helpdesk tickets when a customer approval is received or when a cancellation is reset. These users can be set to receive these notifications under Billing setup. They will receive an e-mail when:

• the customer confirms the cancellation
• the customer approval is overridden by a user
• the cancellation is reset i.e. the cancellation is not approved before the date it was due

<strong>Cancellation processing and the midnight cron</strong>

• Improved the midnight cron to now take into account that a customer might have chosen not to approve all data accounts for cancellation (decided to keep a service active instead)

• The cron should reset Master Account customer cancellations where data accounts are still active or where any of the linked sub-account customers are active or have active data accounts

• Changed freeradius code to reflect cancellation date changes in HeroTill

Customer cancellation approval request and process

• Improved the cancellation approval process so that a customer now doesn’t have to log into the customer portal anymore to approve a cancellation. A cancellation approval e-mail is now sent to the customer instead customer should be notified of the cancellation request via email and be prompted to approve the cancellation via email


• Added a cancellation reason to the cancellation workflow screen so that the user can see the reason a customer cancelled their service. This reason also pulls through to reports/data that can be exported

• Added a new permission structure called Customer Care HOD permission setting to the cancellation user override structure to broaden the amount of users that can do an override to prevent bottlenecks

• Improved the automatching process to be about 30% more efficient by optimising code in the backend

• Updated the debtors module’s batching to now include location information to ensure that each Netsuite transaction can have a single location specified which forms the basis of item stock management. Stock items’ location now pulls through on an invoice

• Added an inventory product toggle and field for non-data products. This is used to track stock in NetSuite. Inventory products must have a stock location specified in billing documents.

• Added an inventory item field and filter to non-data products screen

• Added a batch location filter and field to the debit batches and the debit batches recon screen


• Fixed an error where the group enable suspension button did not function correctly

• Fixed a suspension issue where unblocking LTE accounts caused expiry dates to be wiped out

• Fixed an issue with NPS where ratings failed to individually upload

• Fixed an error on the age analysis screen that caused a calculation and matching issue when credit and receipt IDs were identical

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October 16, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Created a new debit order processing system in order to make debit order batches and processing simpler and easier to use. The new system will be enabled/disabled under billing settings


• Fixed an issue on the customer billing where the generate invoice button does not grey out during the billing run to improve loading times and to avoid duplicate entries

• Fixed a suspension issue that defaults to null values when a user is immediately suspended

• Fixed an issue where month-end processes froze or lagged by optimising code in the backend

• Fixed an issue where users were unable to export product data coverage checks

• Fixed an issue where custom pricing on recurring billing entries created a null amount value

• Fixed an error where auto categories removed user categories before generating billing

• Fixed an error on recurring billing where the discount total was not calculating correctly

• Fixed an issue where downloading a debit order batch in new Sage Pay format didn’t include a date in the Excel sheet name

• Fixed an issue where the customer’s default payment method didn’t change on customer selection

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October 2, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added an editable data account description field to the data accounts page. This can be toggled to either display or not display on recurring billing/invoices

• Changed the sso.herotill.com instance to national.herotill.com to standardise DNS


• Fixed an issue that caused incorrect rounding of sum totals on NetSuite recon page in HeroTill

that’s it for this release! If you have any further queries, comments, suggestions or feedback, please contact support@herotill.com

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September 22, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Improved the monthly billing run + viewability on customers’ accounts by creating automatic categories: for customers billed less than a month, customers being billed more than last month, customers with the same billing as last month, and new customers (customers with no billing last month)

• The Age Analysis view on edit customer now shows document reference

• Improved the realtime usage screen by switching the upload and download buttons around

• Added the option for coverage to be checked by importing a CSV file in bulk

• Added the ability to view customer transaction report when working directly in the suspension module (Debtors Enabled)

• Added a Customer filter and Search option on the calendar view menu to make it easier to filter and search calendar entries for a specific customer on the full calendar view

• Added a monthly recon screen to compare NetSuite and HeroTill transactions (Debtors)

• Added product code to Data Usage page

• Added the ability to add and edit standard antenna settings/ability to link an antenna to a device. This menu can be accessed under Devices –> Antennas

• Added product code, product group column, and customer payment method as new fields and filters on the Customer Data Accounts page (hidden by default)


• Fixed an issue where data accounts for cancelled customers could be reactivated

• Fixed an issue where deleted recurring billing entries could be edited and undeleted after deletion

• Fixed an error on the credit note screen that allowed line item values to be less than 0

• Fixed an issue on the edit invoice popup when setting billing days due to 0

• Fixed an issue where dates are not listed on the opening balance and closing balance lines of the customer transaction report

• Fixed a verification issue on the Hotspots page where users weren’t verifying correctly

• Fixed an issue auto-matching issue where a receipt marked as reviewed on the list received page always returns a failed result

• Fixed a billing issue where customers with legacy data products, when updated, showed null values

• Fixed an issue were sub-accounts become unsuspended even though the associated master account is already suspended

• Fixed an issue where customer data package changes were not correctly reflecting new prices

• Fixed the counter on the Data Products screen to only show active and cancelled customers


• NPS will now remove certain characters (letters) from users’ ratings before submitting to Qualtrics. These characters were causing the uploads to fail

• NPS will now upload the branch name to Qualtrics when uploading ratings

• NPS will now upload the “Jobcard or Sales Agent” Responsible for the rating

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August 17, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:



• Improved the rate and speed of file backup transfers by implementing RSync: the chunking of files into smaller segments sent through network

• Improved the auto-matching process to run faster by optimising code in the backend

• Added a dropdown option on Helpdesk when a ticket is created and a customer has 2 data accounts, to select a data account, and this will reflect the account’s specific address details, and not the default address for a customer. This address will also appear on the job card and calendar events

• New Month-End Processing Layout. Dynamic Workflow-Orientated Layout now available



• The Asset Details menu item has been removed. Assets can now be directly edited

• Asset details now directly editable on the item itself

• Added the ability to attach pictures and files to an asset



• Fixed an issue where the e-mail from address incorrectly sent. Leads sent to Sales will now return from Sales correctly on the outgoing auto reply

• Fixed an issue on the automatching process that caused multiple users to process the same automatch by adding a lock that forces only one process to run at a time to improve system stability

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July 20, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:



• Improved file checking/syncing and data integrity/validity of Rsync backup

• Improved the maintenance cron by removing unnecessary log entries created during the consolidation process

• Added the ability for all products to be marked as legacy products by adding a legacy button to the edit product screen. When the legacy button on a product has been enabled
(toggled to YES), it will continue to work for existing users but will not be selectable after this (basically deleted but keep working for people who already have these products). Legacy products will still continue to show on old invoices, as well as new invoices issued to users still using the old product/s

• Extend functionality of data product groups to be available to be used for non-data products. Previously you could only apply your own product groups to data products. We have now added the ability to do this to:

o Non-data products
o LTE products, and
o Hotspots

• Changed lead closure reason from a text field to a dropdown with fixed reasons provided by marketing for increased accuracy in reporting

• Resellers has now been renamed Master Accounts. This is visible on the customers menu. Also added a button that expands a subtable that allows you to view all sub-accounts associated with a master account



• Fixed an error related to ratings count causing a database error related to a missing column

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June 29, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


We have added new functionality to the sales workflow in HeroTill: the ability to flag sales leads that requires a response to a customer e-mail. This exciting update will improve visibility on leads and turnaround time for clients

Simply put this means leads that have a response from a customer that requires a response from an agent, will be more visible across ALL the menu items in the sales workflow

• Unattended leads (customers have replied to and need action) will be displayed in RED

• Leads that have been attended to and require action from the agents, to be displayed in BLACK

• The flagging system applies to all menus in the workflow process


• Added routines that when a master account is set to bill all to master and the master account is suspended, the sub accounts also get suspended. When a master account that is set to bill all to master and is unsuspended, all its sub accounts will also be unsuspended

• Added code in the backend to ensure that auto allocation does not assign a receipt to a deleted customer

• Improved code in the backend to improve the loading speed of invoices generated during the recurring billing run

• Improved the customer portal and mobile app to only display HeroTel network values when a speedtest is done

• Amount Due value of the Suspensions Module has been modified while Debtors is enabled. Amount Due value calculation now uses information from Debtors for more accuracy

• Improved the calculation of days overdue and total billing on the suspensions module (Debtors enabled)


• Fixed an issue in the auto matching process where receipts got marked as reviewed

• Fixed an error where the Total Billed value incorrectly displayed all documents as negative

• Fixed all the counters in the sales workflow to display correctly

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June 11, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Added notifications for calendar updating of calendar events and auditing to calendar entries


• Improved sales lead API to avoid duplicates being created through the API

• Added a FNB debit order template for branches using FNB to submit debit orders

• Added the ability to export admin user role templates to CSV and import these admin user role templates for assignment to an admin user

• Added the ability to automatically categorise customers who recently had a package change before recurring billing is generated. If the customer is scheduled for a package change after recurring billing has been done, a warning popup message will appear warning the user that a duplicate invoice will be created and that a credit note must be created

• Added ability to link assets to highsites on the ‘Add New Assets’ screen

• Added the ability for a sales lead to be NPS rated

•The Remove Billing button now automatically deletes draft invoices to prevent these from being authorised/duplicated


• Fixed an issue where pushing receipts to Netsuite caused duplicate entries with null values being created

• Fixed an issue where suspension e-mail replies are linked to a ticket if the lead is moved to quotes old

• Fixed an issue with the filters on the consolidated leads list that caused counters to incorrectly filter records

• Fixed an issue on the sales workflow that caused counters to display incorrectly

• Removed all mentions of DataTill URLS from the support website

• Changed the wording on the suspension details screen from “Days after invoice date” to “Days after invoice due date

• Changed the wording on the suspension banner from “Account will be suspended” to “Account is due to be suspended” to correlate with the suspension audit detail

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May 15, 2020

Included in this Maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Improved batch generation by adding an extra check in the background
  • Added the ability to transfer sales leads between branches in leads new and leads active
  • Added the ability for notes to be transferred when a lead is transferred
  • Added a date field to records listed on the List Receipts Screen for better viewability


  • Fixed an issue where large batch authorisations of invoices created duplicate document numbers
  • Changed the wording on the Product Consolidation Links Importer from “All Customers and data accounts have been imported” to “All product consolidation links have been imported”
  • Fixed note transfer, fixed auditing on national instance for transferred leads
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April 28, 2020

Included in this maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


Upgraded the rating system from a 5 star system to a quantitative (NPS) system with expanded range (0-10). The following changes were made:

  • Added an external API (Qualtrics) to obtain NPS ratings and responses from HeroTill
  • Added a new Ratings Report Screen and functionality to export this report to CSV
  • Added a 0-10 score rating to email messages. 10-point ratings can now be done in rating request emails
  • Changed the rating thresholds (which previously could be set on a 5-star rating) to now create a helpdesk ticket when the new specified (NPS) threshold has been reached
  • Changed the wording on the referral popup screen menu to reflect the new scoring system
  • Removed all mentions of the 5 star rating system on all displayed screens with the exception of the symbols on the client portal’s “Rate Our Service” and edit customer screen’s “Request Rating”
  • Standardised the outgoing ratings request e-mail to reflect NPS benchmark. It cannot be edited
  • To read more about the new rating system, go here


  • Added the ability to export invoices and credit notes to CSV. This can be done on the Tools Menu (Tools–>Import/Export–>Export)
  • Implemented rsync over ssh backup as new method to backup HeroTill
  • Improved code in the backend to ensure that documents created at the exact same time are now less likely to have duplicate names
  • Improved bulk message queueing times
  • Improved the recurring billing process to avoid duplicate invoice generation


  • Fixed an issue where the Customer’s Primary Contact number was not updating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a cancellation e-mail did not correctly display the services cancelled by a customer
  • Fixed an issue in the mobile app that caused customers to not be able to view bills and create Helpdesk tickets
  • Fixed an issue where future-dated transactions displayed premature dates/Added date restrictions to credit transactions to limit the view of future-dated transactions before the relevant date to avoid confusion
  • Fixed code in the backend that caused the Topup Request Account Overdue Message to display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the active session display button caused a view error in the app
  • Removed an unused field in the background that caused 0 values sync issues in Sage One
  • Removed all mentions of LTE coverage detection on the Sales Lead Screen, Add Customer and Online Application Screen
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April 1, 2020

Included in this Maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


• Improved loading times on the Edit customer page by making it more dynamic

• Improved the midnight cron to run more efficiently when doing age analysis

• Improved loading speeds on the national instance by limiting the number of items loaded in a batch size (100)

• Added the ability send mails via SendGrid, which is done via an HTTP-based API instead of an smtp connection. It is more reliable because some SMTP servers are not 100% reliable with mail delivery, resulting in failed message sending. Read more about this feature here

• Added the ability to do transactions using 1voucher on the Customer Portal (ability to pay invoices and buy vouchers) and Hotspots (ability to buy in hotspots). Read more about this feature here

• Added an extension to the API to automatically extract reseller information from HeroTill

• Added the ability for General Manager and Sales Supervisor users to top-up overdue radius accounts as the SageOne age analysis can take a while to reflect customer payments.


• Fixed an issue on the Age Analysis screen that caused incorrect filtering of custom dates

• Fixed an issue on the recurring billing screen where generating invoices based on category filters results in a SQL error

• Fixed a widget on the Customer Expiries screen to automatically update values

• Fixed an issue where customer package changes weren’t reflecting the new price when switched

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March 16, 2020

Feature Release

This exclusive new HeroTill feature release for HeroTel WISPS introduces the following improvements, updates and upgrades:


• All logos, menus, buttons, forms and fonts now reflect the new HeroTel colour palettes and relate to HeroTill only

Renaming and Redirecting

• URLS, release notes, blogs and domains now directly point to HeroTill and HeroTel Support.
• Head Office will now be known as the National Support Office/National Instance
• WISPS will now be known as branches


• Added a dedicated support e-mail address (support@herotill.com)
• A dedicated 24 hour support phone number has been added: 066 073 4339


• Customer lists, sales, tickets and leads will now be easier to view and manage by the national support office

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March 10, 2020

This maintenance release contains and introduces the following improvements and bug fixes:




● Improved the speed of large batch invoice generation per customer

● Added an Automatching button has been added to auto-match transactions on the matching
screen.This will improve the process when dealing with large volumes of transactions.

The new button will loop through available credit transactions and match:

1. To the full amount first
2. Then to the oldest transactions

To make process more efficient, only update the customer’s statement at the end of the auto-matching process, not after every match.


● Auto-matching should now ignore any future-dated debit billing docs while matching

● Fixed recurring billing summary loading screen

● Fixed an issue where Recurring billing entries were not being created for customers with
future-dated expiries

● Fixed an issue where the Recurring billing button did not generate billing for VOIP Billing

● Fixed the NAS table to correctly do imports on FreeRadius

● Fixed an issue where vehicle odometer readings could not be edited

● Fixed an issue where customer statements weren’t rendering properly

● Fixed Jobcards to properly display the correct job card number

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December 9, 2019

Hello there! We are very excited to tell you about the latest improvements in this maintenance release:


● Customer receipts have been optimised to ensure that age analysis reports are always up to date.


● Added a timer to the Sage One API to omit an error where unique document numbers were being duplicated.


● Multiple files can now be uploaded to the Helpdesk.

We have also fixed the following bugs:


● Fixed an issue where suspension categories weren’t filtering correctly in the background.


● Customer data accounts set to suspension –> disabled will now unsuspend at midnight.


● Fixed an issue where the SageOne API returns false positive results when tested.


● Fixed an issue on the credit notes page where the status displayed incorrectly.


Got feedback? We are always working on improving your user experience and would love to hear what you think!

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November 1, 2019

Release 2.0.00

November 2019

This Maintenance release contains and introduces new under the hood system updates and improvements.


A number of core systems were upgraded to improve system performance & scalability and to extend the platform lifetime support.


● PHP has been upgraded from version 5.5 to version 7.3 for improved performance and security. The underlying PHP framework has also been upgraded from version 2 to version 3.


● The Apache PHP daemon has been switched from mod_php to PHP-FPM for optimised performance and to introduce multi-threading capability.


● The Ubuntu Operating System and a number of other subsystems were upgraded for security and performance. Ubuntu has been upgraded from version 14.04 to version 18.05 LTS.


● Oracle MySQL 5.5 has been replaced with Percona MySQL 5.7 to increase performance, optimised monitoring and more robust replication.


● Freeradius has been upgraded from version 2 to version 3 to introduce a new level of radius resilience, performance and scalability.


Hotfix 1

08 November 2019

The following improvements were made:

● Added additional logging details in the midnight cron to gain more insight into Suspensions and Cancellations, and roll-over functions.

●Customer VOIP phone line management and details have been streamlined and optimised.

Bug Fixes

● Fixed issue where some Top-up notifications weren’t pulling through.

● Fixed issue where trial top-up users could not connect the following day.

● Fixed issue where some processes in the midnight cron were not being completed.


Hotfix 2

28 November 2019

The following improvements were made:

  • Improved the auditing function in Cancellations and Suspensions on the customer widget.

Recurring Billing

●In previous versions, only one invoice per customer could be sent out per month. Multiple invoices can now be sent to customers without any recurring entry being billed twice.

● The Remove Billing button now correctly removes all generated and unauthorised invoices.


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October 15, 2019

Release 1.6.04


Included in this Maintenance release are the following improvements and bug fixes:


● Improved the performance of the hotspots summary statistic functions

● VOIP phone line management and details have been streamlined and optimised


● Fixed issue where sometimes the user who created a Helpdesk ticket from within the customer portal was listed as the customer on the Ticket Confirmation Email.


● Added Systems changes to display in the audit trail.


● Moved SageOne API address to latest endpoint


● Improved performance when viewing radius user usage

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August 23, 2019

LTE –  Coverage Map

New Feature

  • Integration to the Cell C Fixed LTE Coverage Map has been introduced to provide customers and agents earlier clarity on whether the service can provided. Read more here.




  • The Import Products tool and the Import Customer <-> Radius Links tool are now enabled for use again. A previous system update had caused these to stop functioning correctly, which has now been resolved.




  • Fixed the issue with notifications of cancellations going to incorrect customers. This only affected direct cancellations of data accounts and not customer level cancellations.


Sales Workflow – Quotes


  • There was an issue identified in which quote statuses were incorrectly getting updated to “Ed” in certain scenarios. The problem was two-fold in that that firstly the database query applied was returning incorrect records and secondly the customer response mode (reject /accept) was not pulling through to the updated status. The result of the fix is that the correct quotes will now be updated with the relevant value of “Rejected” or “Accepted” and existing affected quote statuses have been corrected.

Hotfix 1


  • Hardened the function that receives redirect Payment Gateway data.
  • Fixed the Phone Usage Graph and Call Log on the customer portal to display data correctly.
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August 5, 2019



  • The {{total_due}} field was made available for use in the Statement Email Message. This allows the outstanding balance amount to be embedded into the statement email so that customers can quickly determine the amount payable.

Bug Fixes

  • A fix has been implemented to enable a customer’s invoice type to be changed manually.


Sales Leads


  • The GPS Position field was added to the failed leads list. This will allow for the exporting of this information which is used for reporting purposes.




  • The ID Number was made available for searching on the Customer list. The ID number can now be used as a search criterion and can also be displayed on the list as required.


Background Jobs

Bug Fixes

  • A fix has been implemented to prevent multiple instances of certain background jobs being started under high load scenarios.


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July 4, 2019



  • Changes were made to accommodate the latest firmware update (v6.45.1) for Mikrotik routers and the current HeroTill Mikrotik API login method.


VoIP Billing Engine


  • Fixed issue where, if VoIP is enabled, the total displayed on a PDF invoice and statement was exclusive of VAT.
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June 17, 2019

VoIP Billing Engine

New Feature

  • We would like to introduce the newest supported version of HeroTill’s VoIP Billing Engine module, which will also be referred to as VBE.

The link to the guide can be found here: https://support.herotill.com/voip-billing-engine/




  • Refined LTE cancellation process by including a cutoff date for processing cancellations.

The link to the blog can be found here: https://support.herotill.com/lte-cancellation-cut-off-periods/




  • In-sync filter function improved in order to isolate outdated recurring billing entries.


Mobile App 


  • When your HeroTill is upgraded to version 1.6.00 your mobile app will have the following features.
    • Added the ability to list and terminate your own active data sessions
    • Various bug fixes

See the following link for more information: https://support.herotill.com/customer-mobile-app-release-notes/


Hotfix 1



● Changes were made to accommodate the latest firmware update (v6.45.1) for Mikrotik routers and the current HeroTill Mikrotik API login method.


● Fixed issue where, if VoIP is enabled, the total displayed on a PDF invoice and statement was exclusive of VAT.

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May 3, 2019

Click on the video below to watch the release notes video for 1.5.02.



Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue where duplicate emails were being queued and sent from the system.


  • Improved the way email responses to leads are displayed on the Messages tab of the Sales Workflow.


Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue where Mass Password Reset Tool was inaccessible to users.


Bug fix

  • Fixed issue where users were unable to leave Suspension and Cancellation SMS setup fields blank.


  • Improved the user experience when selecting to pause an account suspension.
  • Improved the Pause Suspension functionality for more efficient processing.

Billing/ Sales 


  • Added resellers/ sub-accounts to the Monthly Billing Summary report.
  • Add the Cancellation Reason and Date to the Billing Statistics Report.
  • Improved Reseller Sales Lead performance when changing address details on the lead.


The following improvements have been included in this maintenance release for Hotfix


  • Improvements
  • Added the ability to stop back-ups from FTP’ing. This is to be used for clients that make use of VM and take snapshots.
  • Added Active sessions View to Customer Portal
  • Added an individual month end method calculation
  • Improve IP Pool Allocation and Removing of IP’s
  • Improved the way disabled/invisible products are displayed on pre-existing pushed invoices when they were visible at the time.
  • Improved the usage feedback for LTE users. Now able to view usage between main package, topups, off and on peak.
  • Added the ability to pay for prepaid purchases using Snapscan, PayU, and Zapper.
  • Add the ability to allow emails with the “.network” suffix to be recognized as valid. For example, test@test.network. Other domain limitations have been improved as well.
  • Improved access to the Sales workflow and setup. Users must have Sage One accounting integration enabled to make use of the sales workflow.
  • Added new permission to the sales setup to allow users to with sufficient access to close sales leads.
  • Added a filter to view sub-accounts by last used radius session on the reseller portal.

Bug Fix

  • Added a user interface to set the maximum SMS Topup reply amount allowed.


And a variety of other cosmetic improvements, and performance enhancements.


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1.5.01 Maintenance Release

April 12, 2019

The following improvements have been included in this maintenance release:



  • Added the ability to consider Soft-Cap Data Packages for Roll-Over when the setting enabled.
  • Fixed an issue preventing accounts created in the previous month from being included in rollover calculations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the incorrect label that intermittently displayed for Hard/Soft Cap on “Total Usage List”.
  • Fixed the Print button on the Monthly Data Product Summary to open on a new tab when clicked, and launches the printer confirmation box.



  • Added the ability to view the report for Unknown Devices on the network, when Netflow is enabled.

For more videos like this, refer to the Read More section of the release notes.


  • Added a new tab to set a Highsite Owner per Highsite. This will also display on the Highsite list view.



  • Added a separate setting under the Billing Setup to enable the download of the New SagePay Format for debit batches.
  • Adjusted the Payment Gateway Purchase Summary report to filter by Payment Source. This is also included on the list view.
  • Adjusted the Total Discount field to appear above the Total Inclusive field for Quotes, Job Cards, Invoices and Credit Notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated statements settings to enable auto sending of statements for customers with zero and credit balances.


Bug Fixes

  • Added the ability for users to filter by Billing Group and Payment Method on the Suspensions workflow. These have also been added as columns to the list view, which can be hidden.
  • Adjusted the Suspension Status Dates to update according to actual dates when Suspension is temporarily paused and unpaused.


Bug Fixes

  • Improved the way the system saves new and existing accounts that get set as Master and Reseller accounts.


Bug Fixes

  • Improved the Send Message functionality on the customer list view to prevent sending SMSes with html.


Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the Auto Close and On Hold functionality on helpdesk tickets. When the customer responds or user activity is noted then the ticket will be taken off hold and auto close.


Bug Fixes

  • Added a separate permission relating to Job Card functionality. When view and modify are enabled, the user will have full access to create and manage job cards.


And other various cosmetic improvements, and performance enhancements.



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April 5, 2019


Bug fix

  • Fixed issue where some Helpdesk Stats did not correctly display according to the chosen date filter
  • Fixed and prevented a sporadic issue where an additional full stop was added to a helpdesk ticket URL in the ticket email.


Bug fix

  • Fixed issue where you could not edit the text field of a document template after creation


Bug fix

  • Fixed issue where the Sub Account received Invoice instead of Master when the master account is set to “bill to master” if the invoice was processed via the Customer Portal.
  • Fixed issue where you could not edit the text field of a document template after creation.
  • Added ability to hide customer portal top-ups using customer categories.

And other various cosmetic improvements, and performance enhancements.

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March 4, 2019



  • Added a lead source column to the Sales Workflow list views.
  • Added lead source column to Sales Statistics.



  • Added custom NAS incoming ports for PoD and CoA packets.



  • Added the ability to view a graph of the hourly data usage per product.

Bug fix

  • Updated the accounting/monthly radius summary report to reflect the churn data correctly.
  • Fixed the visual issue where some data accounts would display duplicates.
  • Fixed the visual issue where the incorrect label may have been applied to some radius accounts.


Bug fix

  • Updated LTE API pull for data package accounts information.


  • Added Off-peak usage to the Data summary display for customers



  • Improved the commission list screen to be able to bulk update paid commissions.

As well other various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements, such as improving filters and validations.

Maintenance Release



  • Added auto rollover settings to Data Products
  • Improved Customer Category auto rollover settings
  • Added Data Expiry settings to edit products and edit categories.
  • Added the ability to transfer data between prepaid users.



  • Fixed and prevented the issue where some radius accounts may have displayed as duplicates.

As well as various improvements to performance and security.

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February 7, 2019



  • Network Device Bulk Backups have been improved to link each backup file individually under the Network Devices – Backup tab (per device).

  • The user can then download the backup file per device under the Network Devices menu.





  • Improved the Cancellations module for LTE data products and customer accounts. There is now an LTE Cancellation Reason field added on the Customer edit menu and the Data Accounts menu.
  • The Cancellation workflow will work as it did before, but it is important to note that if a customer is set to be cancelled; all linked data accounts will also be cancelled.
  • If only the Data Account is set to cancel, the customer account will not be affected.



Bug fixes

  • Fixed billing issue, invoices are all marked correctly according to their statuses such as Paid, Unpaid, Overdue and Partial.
  • Fixed billing issue relating to Suspensions, which will now initiate notifications and suspension occurs according to dates per setup.

  • Fixed billing cosmetic issue, document reference numbers now correctly display on invoice PDFs.
  • Fixed billing related cosmetic issue on Accounts Workflow, all quick filter badges now display the correct total per list view.



Bug Fix

  • Fixed API Voucher Generation issue, where some users received an error message stating “Your Account Has Expired” upon creating new vouchers.



New Features

  • HeroTill has introduced DinoPass Integration for Customers and radius/data account passwords. DinoPass has an API that generates simple, sensible and easy to remember passwords.
  • This setting can be enabled under the Setup > System Settings > System menu path.



New Feature

  • Added data usage notifications for prepaid customers.
  • This setting can be enabled under the Tools > Notifications menu.

  • The user can then setup Usage Notification triggers as normal on the customer profile page.


Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.


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January 11, 2019

Sales – New Sales Lead Invoice Report  

New Feature

  • HeroTill has added a new monthly reporter for figures generated from the Lead to Receipt process. This report includes comprehensive dropdowns, graphs and data point summaries.
  • Read the full blog here.

Bug Fixes

  • The Tax Type dropdown/selector has been added to the Job Cards quick filter on the Lead to Receipt process. This applies to New and Active Job Cards.


Bug Fixes

  • A fix has been added that will not include invoices that are being deleted while Pushing a batch to Sage One.
  • The Tax Type dropdown/selector has been improved on all Billing menus/pages to display the tax name and percentage for each VAT type. Invalid VAT types now display in red and valid rates display as normal text.

  • To ensure that your VAT settings are correct and up to date please read the full blog here. This also includes details of improvements made to VAT relates settings and processing.
  • Fixed the issue where Custom Pricing on Data Product Changes was not taking effect/saving correctly.


  • Improved the filters on the Recurring Billing Entries menu to report when billing is in and out of sync with the current billing period. Note, the user must first select the In Sync column from the Show/Hide Columns button.



  • Added More Restriction/Validation when Deleting Customer Categories due to ICASA.
  • When adding or editing a NAS, the user can now enable the setting to Use Proxy NAS for PoD. When enabled, the radius disconnect packet (PoD) will be sent to the proxy NAS instead of the NAS the user is authenticated on.
  • When adding or editing a NAS, the user can now enable the setting to Use Proxy NAS for CoA. When enabled, the radius change of authorization packet will be sent to the proxy NAS instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where LTE Data Accounts cannot be deleted once assigned to a customer in Pending registration status.


Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.

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November 9, 2018

System – Dark Theme  

New Feature

  • HeroTill has introduced a new dark theme throughout the entire system (apart from the Customer Portal), which can be enabled per user.
  • Users may switch between the dark and light theme at any point.
  • Please refer to the full blog here.

Dark Theme



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the billing issue where system generated recurring invoices that belong to the previous billing period can now be pushed to Sage One in the current period – the system will recognise it and allow recurring invoices to still be generated and pushed for the current billing period

Customer Portal  

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where Admin only tickets will not be included in the Helpdesk Ticket counter/ total for the customer, when logging into the portal.
  • Fixed the issue where the Helpdesk Ticket counter/total did not refresh for customers who previously has zero tickets open. Added a new filter option to include/exclude viewing of closed Helpdesk Tickets.




  • Added the ability to automatically collect the circuit id (Telkom services) or caller id (Wireless services) from the active radius session. This is stored on the Data Accounts. Refer to the full blog here.
  • Fixed issue where an error appeared if the Radius Interim Update Interval is set to 30 mins or higher. This setting is found under the Radius Settings menu and refers to the interval to wait before sending radius accounting update packets. The higher the value, the fewer updates to real-time usage information. This value must always be less than the value for Wireless Session Auto Disconnect Timeout above.


Sales  Hotfix


  • Added the ability for users to set the default Sales Lead filter as either ascending or descending. This will apply to all the Sales Workflow quick filters.


Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.

Hotfix 1 & 2


  • Fixed the Sage One sync issue for customers who have multiple email addresses. The sync will now process emails according to shortest in length first, up to and including 90 characters in total.
  • Various minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.
  • Added a menu page to easily export certain data tables into a CSV file.
  • Changed the dark theme global switch to be under the System Settings menu.
  • Added the ability to add hotspotvoucher numbers in the following API call /add_hotspot_voucher 
  • Added non Mikrotik devices to the Downtime Monitoring and Text Outage Reports.
  • Added an “advertising” banner banner on the customer portal.
  • Added a quick change switch to the task bar to change themes on fly.
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October 12, 2018

Invoicing/ Billing Module   

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where in some cases deleting a document line on invoices, quotes or job-cards, did not update the total amount of the document.
  • Fixed issue where an apostrophe in a label name prevented pages (using the label) from loading.
  • Fixed intermittent issue where Sub Accounts belonging to a Master Account (where the Bill All to Master option was disabled), were not being invoiced.


  • Improved the Billing setting to enable/disable downloading the Old Sage Pay Direct Debit Batch format. When enabled, the user will receive validation if the setup fields are not all filled in.
  • Improved the Overwrite Recurring Billing CSV file generation and import to be more secure.
  • Improved the function that imports customers from SageOne into HeroTill, to prevent potential loss of data after the sync.



  • Improved FTP backups to allow for use of the external third party LFTP library.

Data (Radius)  


  • Added Validation to ensure that radius usernames do not include invalid Characters (‘ ; ” $ & % *).
  • Improved Usage page to indicate which prepaid totals are being displayed. I.E. the current month only or active bundle period.
  • Added CPE IP addresses to radius user accounts.
  • Added the ability to select a fixed IP from highsite list.
  • Added Search by Date function on the “All Closed Radius Sessions” page.
  • Added “MAC address” column to the “All Closed Radius Sessions” table.



  • Added Validation setup menu for Device Monitoring on the LibreNMS Monitoring Setup fields.
  • Improved Mikrotik backups to auto detect the FTP service port value on the mikrotik router. This will value will be when making an FTP connection to the router.
  • Added tab on the network devices. This flag will indicate whether that router should be used for voltage monitoring and determine the offset value to be used.



  • Improved SQL code to optimise general system performance.



  • Improved the “Recent Changes” section that displays on helpdesk notifications.
  • Added the ability to delete your own public and admin only ticket notes.
  • Improved the logic when a helpdesk notification should be sent for updates on tickets being followed.
  • Added the ability to set custom text only signatures (for admin users) on helpdesk ticket replies. Note, this is auto inserted into the note section when responding on a ticket.
  • Fixed intermittent issue where the helpdesk ticket list did not display for certain admin users.

Reports, List Views & Banners  


  • Improved the Statistics report for Billing to include “Customer Cancellation Reason” column in User churn table.
  • Added a notice/banner to display on all admin listing pages, when the Google Maps API key needs to be provided.
  • Fixed issue where Reseller settings will no longer be removed unless the correct Reseller permissions are enabled for that user.
  • Improved Reseller list view to include “Bill all to master” column. This was previously displayed as “Bill to Own”.
  • Added “Current Billing Period” display header to the HeroTill menu. The user must have the Accounting Adjustment modify permission enabled.
  • Improved the Recurring Billing Entries default filter on page load. It will now show Enabled records only and not All records.
  • Improved the Customer Sub-account banner on the Customer Edit page to include the master account’s accounting code.It is also a clickable banner. It will now direct the user to the linked master account.

Mobile App  


  • Fix issue where “admin only” helpdesk notifications were being sent to mobile devices logged in via non admin accounts.
  • Added Release Notes splash screen on the mobile app on startup.

API Developer Related  


  • Improved API documentation setup and page.


  • Added a new API page to easily manage your own access tokens.
  • Added API call to create a sales lead.
  • Added API call to create a sales lead.
  • Added API call to to create or modify a customer.
  • Added API call to retrieve a list of available prepaid products for all or a specific hotspot.
  • Added API call to allocate a new prepaid bundle to an existing radius user,
  • Added API call to retrieve a list of available hotspot locations.
  • Added API call to retrive a list data and non-data products via the API.
  • Added API call to to create or modify a radius account.
  • Added API to create a hotspot voucher.
  • Added API to retrieve voucher usage details.

Hotfix 1


  • Fixed issue where Product Type did not display after a successful import. This now works correctly.
  • Fixed validation that occurred in error on the PortaBilling and VoIP Billing settings under the Billing menu – when enabling the SagePay Download Old Debit Batch Format settings.

  • Fixed issue where the Reseller Module was required when creating new customers.
  • Improved the Helpdesk Ticket List filters when filtering by Incl Unassigned In User’s Departments.

  • Improved the new AI feature within HeroTill that manages SMS replies. This feature is call SMS Topup Message Intelligence. Users can now assign a default user where the relevant Helpdesk Tickets will get assigned too. Read more on the blog here.

Hotfix 2


  • Improved the validation of the Bridged CPE IP Address field on Data Accounts to accommodate either an IP Address or a DNS name.

  • Fixed invalid validation error when setting a value for Radius Interim Update Interval on Radius Settings. If the value entered is less than the value for Wireless Session Auto Dosconnect Timeout then the settings will now save without invalid errors.

  • Updated the system logic to not strip illegal characters spaces from existing radius usernames. This logic will only be applied to new radius accounts.
  • Fixed the Pre-Paid data allocation & Usage display to correspond accordingly on the HeroTill view and the Radius Table.
  • Added the calling station MAC Address column when viewing the All Closed Radius Sessions report.


Hotfix 3


  • Improved LFTP backup method for FTP Settings. This now includes an Advanced Mode.

  • Fixed issue where Old Pre-Paid was not displaying when Extended Logging setting was enabled.

    Hotfix 4


  • Fixed issue where the suspension date listed on the Suspension Email was not matching the Suspension Date, within HeroTill.
  • Added Multiple values for the Address fields, to the I.S LTE API. Previously the entire address was in the AddrStreet field. This has now been split into AddrStreet, AddrSuburb, AddrCity and AddrPostalCode.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing prepaid bundles with no expiry date, may not correctly allocate to customer.
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September 10, 2018

Please note release 1.4.02 is a routine maintenance release, which mostly covers bug fixes and cosmetics.

Fair Usage Policy & Radius  


  • Fixed Soft Cap 100% usage issue where some notifications were not being generated.
  • Fixed usage notifications issue where some were being generated as blanks.
  • Fixed the setting on Data Accounts to authenticate according to the setting chosen for the Radius Account.
  • Fixed IP Accounting Data Accounts that were ignoring the burst settings defined on the Data Products.
  • Added validation to Radius usernames to no longer allow invalid characters, such as ; ” ; , $ % & *.
  • Fixed the issue where the colon was incorrectly stripped when adding the MAC Address on Data Accounts.


  • Added the ability to define when Mikrotik bursts settings will be applied during a policy.

Mailbox Scraper  


  • Fixed error which may have briefly displayed when saving or updating a mailbox – even though the mailbox was successfully created/updated.

Company Documents  


  • Fixed issue where files uploaded were not saving correctly. Once the file has been uploaded, the document name also gets auto updated.

Social Media Logins 


  • Added validation to the Social Media Login menu – all required fields must now be filled in when saving a particular login.



  • Added validation to the System Setup menu for Google Maps and Places API Keys – all required fields must now be filled in when saving these fields. Please see the important blog here
  • Fixed the Audit Trail functionality, all changes on new and existing Default Tax Rates are correctly recorded now.
  • Added correct validation for the Clickatell SMS Gateway and SMSS Gateway



  • Fixed Vodacom Auto import issue where previous imports did not display the RateCard and Trunks on the call log.

Cosmetics in general

  • Various Cosmetic improvements were made, including spelling and alignment.

Hotfix 1



  • Fixed an issue where stale connections were either not being disconnected or where a new active session for the same radius username were disconnected via the mikrotik API instead. This issue only occurred where the concurrent session value was set very low.
  • Fixed issue where when searching on the sub account widget of a disabled reseller sometimes gave an error.
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August 10, 2018


● Added a media rich text editor to allow email messages sent to customers to be formatted.

custom message rich text
● Added ability to notify a reseller when one of their customers gets suspended.
● Added a search box to the Sub Account widget on the Customer Edit screen to search for sub accounts.
● Moved the menu item for Notification Templates from the Device Menu to Tools -> Messages.
● Fixed Refer-a-Friend issue where a billing document could be saved if there was no data product on the document.
● Fixed Refer-a-Friend error where discount already allocated could be edited in the Referrer Discount Allocated report.


Payment Gateways

New Feature
● Added Zapper as a Payment Gateway

Blog link: https://support.herotill.com/zapper-payment-gateway/




New Feature
● Added support for multiple network subnets within a single IP pool.
● Separated the radius timeout for Wireless & Openserve connections.
● Added additional burst fields to the data product accounts.
● Added switch to disable notifications for prepaid usage to determine whether data allocation notifications should be sent to a prepaid customer.
● Fixed issue where some prepaid account balances were prevented from being correctly adjusted after new bundles have been applied.

Blog link: https://support.herotill.com/multiple-network-subnets/


Fair Usage Policy

● Fixed issue where the Radius Status tool tip on the Data Accounts and Customer Data Usage Page was displaying the incorrect upload speeds and download speeds.



New Feature
● Added the ability to automatically send statements to customers on the selected day every month based on settings on their customer group.
● Added ability to change the payment method of an invoice where the invoice is marked as unpaid, overdue, or partially paid.
● Added the functionality to display the “Origin Reference” to the Invoicing menu/list view.
● Added Sub-Account name on reseller invoices.
● Changed the wording from “Are you sure” to “Would you like to proceed” on the confirmation popup when cloning an invoice.
● Fixed issue where the filtering by selecting certain days on the Debit Run Batches page was not filtering the list.



New Feature
● Added the ability to add more than one admin user in a helpdesk ticket escalation notification.
● Added ticket auto close function.

● Added ability to copy attachments from a helpdesk ticket to a customer’s profile. (Widget on edit customer screen.)
● Added an “Admin Only Ticket” Banner to the top of the details list for admin only ticket.

● Admin only tickets will only allow admin only notes.

Blog link: https://support.herotill.com/helpdesk-ticket-auto-close/



● Fixed issue where the network device station lists was prevented from being scanned.



New Feature
● Added the ability to view a breakdown of fields changed within an audit event on the Audit Trail page.
● Added a new notification for failed backups
● Added validation to ensure that all Refer-a-friend settings are enabled to use the module.
● Added multi filters to workflow screens.
● Fixed issue where Numbers longer than 11 digits could not be entered in the mobile number field on Hotspot registration.


Customer Portal/ Mobile App

New Feature
● Added the ability to view Realtime usage in the customer portal and mobile app.

● Added a feature to mark all messages as read in the mobile app.

Blog links:



realtime full screen


New Features
● Added a quantity field when adding or editing a Recurring Billing Entry in the Recurring Billing Widget on the Customer Edit Page.
● Added an indicator on customer profile if an account to show when the account has been capped.
● Changed the wording from “bill all to master account” to “Bill All Recurring Billing Entries To Master Account” when editing a master account.
● Changed the wording from “Data Contracts ” to “Rental Contracts” under Sales Settings, and Customer Edit Page.
● Removed auto top-up when user gets switched to uncapped.



● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Refresh buttons are green and add buttons are blue.
● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Edit buttons are blue.
● Changed the colours of buttons to match the standard. Clone buttons are teal.
● Renamed Sub Accounts to Sub-Accounts.
● Fixed alignment on Billing menu.



Bug Fixes
● Fixed Issue where if certain information is omitted from a job card, the corresponding ticket would not be created.
● Fixed issue where the due date shown in the table on the Invoice page was incorrect.
● Fixed issue where customers can overwrite the document comment field on quote acceptance.
● Removed redundant methods of assigning sales leads sales settings
● Fixed issue where requesting a LTE Topup does not forward a customer to a payment page
● Fixed issue where the edit customer button per row is not populating with ID of the customer, on the Messages Log page.
● Fixed issue where adding a Circuit Provider caused a validation error
● Fixed issue where certain Job Cards get stuck on hold as the “previous state” field gets overridden.


1.4.01 Hotfixes

Hotfix 1


  • Fixed issue for Soft Capped customers – they will now be assigned to the correct Capped pool. They will be allocated the correct IP once they reach their limit.
  • Updated the validation for customer and admin users in HeroTill. These usernames can no longer be created with spaces.
  • Fixed Helpdesk Escalation Rules – they will only escalate according to the rule set and to (multiple)users chosen for the notification. It is important to note that Helpdesk Escalation Rules will only apply to tickets created from version 1.4.01 onwards.The functionality als o only runs during business hours at present.
  • Improved SQL for hotspot_session performance.
  • Added the ability to use special characters on Device Login (passwords).
  • Fixed the Real-time usage graph icon to launch correctly from the Active Data Sessions widget.
  • Added status buttons and tooltips to the Cron page, that are colour co-ordinated according to each status.
  • Added the ability to mention/tag an admin user in a comment on a Helpdesk ticket, when the setting is enabled (per admin user).

Hotfix 2


  • Fixed radius sessions for Prepaid users. When a bundle expires, all active sessions for that user (including Sub-Accounts) are now marked as closed. This will ensure that there are no long sessions that span across bundles anymore.
  • Fixed Previous Data Session popup – the correct username listed on the widget will now display on the popup as well.
  • Updated the Customer Merge functionality to include smart switches to determine which data can be kept or removed, between the 2 customers to be merged.

Hotfix 3


  • Fixed issue for admin users within HeroTill, they can now add topups – regardless if the Allow End User Topups setting is enabled/disabled.
  • Added a new setting to allow voucher regeneration for failed Payfast hotspot vouchers.
  • Added a button to Clear Old Connections under the Devices > Wireless Connections menu.

Hotfix 4


  • Fixed speed and performance issues experienced when manually and auto importing VoIP files.
  • Updated Age Analysis sync cron job to begin with newest customers instead of oldest. This will allow the cron to complete more efficiently within it’s set time window.
  •  Fixed Customer widgets that were displaying with duplicate border lines.
  • Fixed debug information that was incorrectly displayed on the Helpdesk Setup menu.
  • Fixed Notifications for Soft and Hard Capped users – an email and SMS will be sent out when 100% usage has been reached.

Hotfix 5


  • Added a new setting to ignore shceduled package changes in the current month’s billing run. This setting is disabled by default – meaning that scheduled package changes will not be ignored, but rather included in the current month’s billing run.
  • Fixed the issue where the Old Data Package column was not populating correctly on Data Package Changes
  • Improved the Database Tools menu to reduce the menu height to fit on smaller screens.
  • Fixed the page load issue for Lead Search to display all records (on page load).
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1.4.00 FUP Release

July 16, 2018

New Feature  

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

HeroTill has now adopted the Fair Usage Policy on the system. The FUP concept was introduced to make sure that for those customers who are heavy users – don’t fill up the available bandwidth. This is to prevent making the overall experience bad for other users on the same network.

With the introduction of FUP, HeroTill is able to handle speed and data limits in 3 different ways:

  • The Traditional Way – See guidelink here for more information.
  • FUP Speed Limiting – See guidelink here for more information.
  • FUP Speed Boosts – See guidelink here for more information.

It is important to note that all FUP limits are defined on the Data Product level, and applies to all Data Accounts linked to that product.

The official HeroTill FUP guide can be found here (same link as above). Check out the HeroTill FUP webinar by clicking on the YouTube icon below.

Big changes as a result of FUP.

Radius name change to Data.

The Radius menu within HeroTill has now been renamed to Data.

Read the full blog here to see what other changes have been made to the Data menu within HeroTill.

Bug Fixes  

  • The Days filter for the Debit Batch Details report has been fixed. The report will now filter according to the days selected.

  • A button has been added to the Customer Details menu under the Billing Widget – to request verification for customers who have the Default Pay Method set as Credit Card. An email is then sent to the customer to verify their credit card details.

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June 27, 2018

Payment Gateways  

New Features

  • PayU MEA and SnapScan have been added to HeroTill as new Payment Gateways on the Customer Portal and when purchasing Vouchers.



  • HeroTill has improved the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) billing module.
  • Users can now automatically import CDR files for Vodacom. PortaBilling auto import will be released in the next phase.
  • Manual Imports cater for Easttel, Generic, Vodacom, PortaBilling and Internet Solutions.
  • The VoIP billing module makes use of Trunks, Destinations, Phone Lines and RateCards to calculate the VoIP billing.
  • The VoIP user guides can be located here.



  • Users can now enable the setting to Sync Customers to Sage One/Accounting System under the Customer Groups menu.



  • The Data Package Summary Report now has a dropdown filter to view the data by All Radius Users or Exclude Cancelled Users.
  • A Search box has also been added to this report along with a new Total for Monthly Usage at the bottom of the report.



  • Users can now add the Mast Altitude and Mast Height on a Highsite. These values can in turn be viewed and edited on Network Devices on the new Mast Location tab when editing a Network Device.

Cancellations & Suspensions  

Bug Fixes

  • Users can now choose a Reseller Account and a Sub Account and approve the suspensions by clicking on the Suspension button at the top of the Accounts Workflow screen.



  • The Lead source field has now become a mandatory field on new Sales Leads.
  • More options have been included to the Lead Source dropdown list.
  • The Refer A Friend program now has an addition to it’s T’s&C’s. *Credits only issued to the full amount of your current billing in consecutive order should your friend choose a package that is above your recurring monthly bill.
  • With the previous addition of Public Links on Quote templates, when viewing the link a label now displays the Package relating to the quote. This can be viewed on Mobile Devices as well.

Mobile App  

New Features

  • Added the ability to change your password in  the app


New Features

  • This feature will allow you to set whether ratings should create tickets, which when enabled the rating threshold can be set as well as which user should get the tickets in and out of office hours



  • When importing Invoices & Credit Notes, the VAT rate will be applied based on the Default Tax Rates setup within HeroTill. The only exception would be if an adjustment is noted as 0% VAT.

Bug Fixes

  • The Billing Statistics page now displays the data correctly according to the date range selected.


Bug Fixes

  • Users will no longer receive a duplication verification email when their login is setup to use Two Factor Authentication.
  • The Audit Trail button under the Setup menu for the Company Name has been fixed. All changes made to the Company Name are now correctly recorded.


  • The Toggle buttons found under the Setup menu have been fixed where there was an overlap with the Audit Trail buttons.
  • The alignment for the Audit Trail buttons have been corrected on the Sales Setup page.
  • The Audit Trail buttons now appear under the Notification setup for SMS Gateway.
  • The Audit Trail buttons have also been added to the Welcome Email setup for all fields.
  • The HeroTill Self Installation Setup page now has mandatory fields to be completed in order to submit a licence request.
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June 15, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • The Quantity field on Quotes, Invoices, Job Cards and Credit Notes has been fixed to no longer limit the amount to 999.99. Users can now enter Quantity amounts exceeding 999.99.
  • Invoices  and Quotes that are cloned will now default to the current date enabled VAT type, i.e 15% VAT.
  • When importing Invoices the VAT type will no longer be overridden from the Excel source. It will be imported as is from the import file.


  • The billing run confirmation pop-up has been updated. The user is made aware of all the items within the specified date range, that will be included in the billing run.



  • The Toggle buttons on the Sales Setup menu have been aligned to have consistency throughout the page.


New Features

  • A widget has been added on the Customer Details page to view referral balances accumalated from the Refer a Friend promotion.


  • Users can now set a zero discount amount to be used on the Refer a Friend promotion. No credit notes will then be issues to the referred and referrer party. It is important to note this on your Refer a Friend disclaimer and email settings.
  • The Refer a Friend related credit notes will now be issued via a different cron job, for ease of processing.


Bug Fixes

  • The cron job has been fixed to include a date enabled setting for Cancellation Resets. This cron job prevents previous customer expiries (that were processed before the Cancellation module was released) from being reset from the specified date.
  • It is vitally important that you read the full blog here in order to ensure that your HeroTill has been configured correctly and that users are aware of the new setting applied. Read the full blog here.


New Features

  • Users now have the ability to disconnect all radius sessions on a specific NAS device.
  • A new button has been added to the NAS list menu, allowing users (with the device_write permission) to bulk disconnect radius sessions across all linked NAS devices.
  • A screen has been added to show Radius Disconnect Requests. This screen shows all disconnect requests done by both FreeRadius and HeroTill (and can by used to troubleshoot failed disconnect requests.)

Bug Fixes

  • FreeRadius will now be able to disconnect ALL OpenServer radius sessions.
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June 1, 2018

New Features  

  • Exciting new features coming soon… be on the lookout for version 1.3.05!


Version Updates
  • A popup has been added to show releases notes on version releases.
  • This popup will appear for every admin user the next time they load a page after the system has been updated.
  • Once the user clicks “OK” the system will remember their acknowledgement of the release notes and will not show the popup again (until the next upgrade).

Contract Improvements
  • The Customer Contract has been reorganized to have less unused space in between pages. Each section is grouped together on the relevant pages as opposed to running over into the next section.
  • Text and headers have been resized to fit the page.
  • Debit order mandate is now on one page only.
  • Lines have been added to the Internet Service Application page to make filling in the document easier.
Quotes and Online Applications
  • Users can now link a specific quote document template to the Online Application process. A public unique link that will be available to share/copy and paste.
Speed Test
  • The blog has been updated regarding how the speed test functionality works. Read more.
  • On the Radius Nas List menu, two new fields have been added to indicate whether a NAS has also been added as a network device.
Data Protection
  • The email text for the Subject Access Request for Data has been amended with new wording.
  • The Audit Trail for Radius User Accounts has been updated to include logs when a radius cancellation is reset, unblocked, cancellation date cleared and when the Auth Type has been rejected.
  • On the Accounts Workflow menu the Show/Hide Columns have been updated to include columns for when a Radius account has been blocked and Auth Type is rejected.
  • On the Radius List of Users the Show/Hide Columns have also been updated to include columns for when a Radius account has been blocked and Auth Type is rejected.
  • Read the blog here.
  • The grammar has been corrected on the confirmation popup when attempting to delete a customer.
  • The styling and sentence construction have been improved for the Refer A Friend popup and email text sent to potential new customers.
  • Users can now choose to display the Radius Packages either by their Product Code, Product Title or a combination of both.

Mobile App  
  • The IOS and Android version 1.1.1 update is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.
  • The Settings tab has now been renamed to “More”. It is the last tab on the menu list at the top.
  • The Top Up section has now been moved to the “More” tab.
  • Under the Usage Tab users can now see Package details and a Top Up shortcut button has also been added here.
  • The previous Top Up tab has now been changed to “Messages”. This tab will display all push notifications received. These push notifications are context aware meaning that when the user clicks on the message, the user will be redirected to the relevant feature in the app. For example a push notification is received regarding an update on a helpdesk ticket > user clicks on the message and is redirected to the relevant helpdesk ticket to see the update.
  • Usage notifications, top up notifications and general notifications will appear under this “Messages” tab. Over time these messages will be removed/disappear from the list. The user cannot manually delete them.
  • Users can now enable two factor authentication on the login.
  • The About App section under the “More” tab now contains the User Guide, HeroTill Website shortcut and the Privacy Policy.
  • Read the full blog here.


Bug Fixes  

Data Protection
  • When a user has read only access to the Subject Access Request functionality, the bug has been fixed where clicking Send Message did not respond.
Suspensions & Cancellations
  • All instances of the words “Expiry/Expired/ Expiration” have been renamed to “Cancel/Cancelled/Cancellation” within the customer portal and emails sent to customers.
  • The Email Notification setting for Cancellations and Suspensions has now been split into two separate settings. Read the blog here.
  • When attempting to set same day cancellations, the validation text has been corrected to state that this action cannot be processed. A future date is required to complete the action.
  • On the customer portal when navigating via the email link to approve a cancellation request – the issue where the reason dropdown could not be accessed has been fixed.
Mailbox Scrapers
  • The Mailbox rules regarding matching will now override the settings on the Mailbox Scraper Setup.
Refer A Friend
  • A cron job has been added to correctly issue credit notes for the referrer and the referee.
Top Ups and Pre-Paid Vouchers
  • Top Ups added via the customer portal should no longer pend the submission. The action will now process to completion.
  • Pre-Paid Vouchers no longer fail with an error. The action will now process to completion.


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May 24, 2018

New Features  

  • An Audit Trail button has been added to each field within the entire Setup menu. The history will now be tracked and available for viewing per field.

  • HeroTill now has the ability to transfer data from one radius account to another, in accordance with new ICASA legislation.
  • Users now have the ability to apply global notification thresholds to all customer accounts, again in accordance with new ICASA legislation.
  • A feature has been added to determine how network blocking will occur for suspended customer accounts. Three modes are supported: Hard Block, IP Pool and Router Address List.
  • Users are now able to set the limit for time of day when suspension notifications are sent out.


  • Maintenance Cron job now includes deleting temporary files older than 7 days.
  • Maintenance Cron job now includes deleting file keys which have been expired for over 90 days.
  • Viewing or downloading of files by admin users is now audited.
  • The audit information of users who upload files to the Compliance widget is now recorded.

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed bug where Highsite Map was not displaying under certain cirumstances.
  • Fixed bug where phone numbers with lengths over 10 digits did not pull through to popup’s when sending messages.
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May 21, 2018

New Features  

Mobile app
  • We are pleased to announce that the HeroTill Mobile app has been released. It is available for download on the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.                                     
  • Click here to read more on the Mobile App functionality/features.
Suspensions and Cancellations
  • Users can now queue a bulk list of customers for suspension. This includes bulk queueing for all sub accounts linked to master accounts. Read more.
Data Protection
  • We have updated the HeroTill User Licence Agreement to reflect the latest compliance with the GDPR and POPI legislative acts. Existing users will be prompted to accept this agreement’s terms and conditions upon their next login (on the latest version of HeroTill v1.3.03). Please note if the agreement is not accepted then users will not be able to access HeroTill.
  •  The Data Protection module has been introduced to accommodate the above mentioned legislative acts. Please click here to read more on this module.
  • This module will allow users to request a zip folder containing a history of customer data/information provided to HeroTill. This information is protected by a verification process.
  • This Data Protection module can be accessed once the relevant permissions have been enabled. This module can also be controlled per user to be permission specific to certain functions.
  • Users can now opt for the “Right To Be Forgotten”. This setting will anonymise their information provided to HeroTill and is an irreversable action.
  • Users will now also be able to customise Data Retention settings within HeroTill.
  • Users can now perform speed tests from the portal – this functionality is also available on the mobile app. Read more.
  • Not end user related – PHP parameter check screen has now been added.
  • Users can now apply a setting to  force specific hyperlinks to open within the same window.  Read More here.
  • Mass Customer ID password reset tool is now available. Read more.


Data Protection
  • The Copy to Clipboard and Copy to Excel buttons have now been updated to be permission specific on the Customer List menu and the Customers with no banking details Exception Report.
Suspensions and Cancellations
  • Users are now able to view a cancellation flag/status per customer on the Accounts Workflow > Suspension menu.
  • The disable functionality has now been consolidated with the Cancellation module/functionality.
  • Customers that have been cancelled will now be unsubscribed from notifications.
  • A date stamp has been added to the Note field on the Accounts Workflow > Suspension menu. The Note field has also been capped at 200 characters. Users can also now clear/delete a note.
  • Suspension emails/SMS’s/notifications to customers will now be sent at 8:00 am in the morning as opposed to midnight.
  • The Suspensions button on Accounts Workflow > Suspension menu has been recoloured and a tooltip has been added.
  • Read the full blog here on Suspensions & Cancellations – New Features and Improvements.
  • Backup files now exclude auto-generated files for speed improvement.


  • A Cron job has now been added to run at set intervals in order to calculate reseller commission.
  • Direct debit batch month end processing bug has been fixed. Read more here on the updated functionality.
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May 4, 2018

New Features  

  • Users can now upload multiple Compliance related documents.
  • Users can now permanently delete Compliance related documents.

  • When viewing or downloading an attachment for Compliance Documents, it will be opened in a new browsing tab.
  • A time and date stamp has been added per document to Compliance related uploads.
  • Read more on the Compliance Module here.
  • Users can now upload PDF documents for Highsites.
  • Added Radius Session Diagnostics Screen to troubleshoot radius sessions that have issues. Read more.



  • When merging customers their respective Compliance Documents will also merge successfully.
  • All PDF sizes can now be uploaded.
  • Developer related and not end user related – Added migration support for PHP 5.3.
  • When adding a NAS IP Address any blank spaces will now automatically be trimmed when saving changes.
  • Consolidated Suspension and Cancellation approval menus to Accounts Workflow.
  • Added customer payment method to the Suspensions table.
  • Added Labels and Note field to the Suspension tab on the Customer edit popup screen.
  • Added Labels and Note columns to the Suspensions table.
  • Read the full blog here for all the improvements to the Suspension and Cancellation Module.
  • Improvements to the HeroTill System Licence expiry.


  • The correct thumbnail has been added to the Customer Attachment interface. 
  • Users may no longer add Mailbox Processing Rules with invalid matches. Read more.
  • When adding a NAS IP Address any blank spaces will now automatically be trimmed when saving changes.
  • Customer Suspension enable and disable settings save correctly now.
  • The visibility of Compliance Documents is now dependant on the Compliance Debugging setting and no longer the Sales Lead setting.
  • A Cron has been added for the Commission Calculation on Recurring and Non-Recurring Invoices.
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April 23, 2018

New Features  

  • Users can now attach the following file types on Helpdesk Tickets: Excel, Word, zip files, AAC audio files and txt file types.
  • When a user gives a 4 or 5 star rating for the first time, they will be directed to the Refer a Friend pop up. Read more on how to set up this feature here.


  • Users can now search for a Radius User Account by the email address.
  • Added support for custom Mikrotik API port number
  • Added auto archiving of messages sent to customers after 30 days. See the blog here


  • When scrolling left or right on the Lead to Receipts menu the header remains static.
  • Customer Group Suspension settings will now pull through to its linked customers.
  • The functionality to suspend a Customer Account from the Billing tab (when editing a customer) has been consolidated. This functionality has been improved to be set either on a Customer Grouping level or a Global System Level. Refer to the diagram below and see the blog here.

  • Online Applications have been removed from the Sales menu option.


  • Bug Fix – Users can now successfully create a mailbox scraping rule from the Mailbox Processing Logic menu.
  • Bug Fix – Validation has now been added for existing users with invalid contact numbers (on Customer and Sales Lead menu).
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April 15, 2018

New Features  

  • List of Customers can now be accessed from the Reseller portal. View the Reseller Module here.

  • New Reseller Report available for Unpaid Commissions. View the Reseller Module here. 
  • Users can now add attachments to Helpdesk Notifications.



  • Customer Expiry has now been renamed to Customer Cancellations. View the Cancellation Module blog here. 
  • Users can now add a Physical Address on Radius Accounts. View the blog here.
  • A warning has now been on customer creation to notify users when a primary email address/ phone number/ mobile phone number already exists. View the blog here.



  • Fixed bug related to jobcard PDF’s.
  • Various Minor Cosmetic Bug fixes.
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April 6, 2018

  • Added the ability to customise the Welcome Message when customer is created
  • Added a new filter on helpdesk ticket list screen to include or exclude unassigned ticket. blog: Unassigned Ticket Filter

See the  for more

  • Added two additional checks on release notes to scan mysql & apache performance tuning settings
  • Added compliance functionality (RICA) to the sales lead process (Beta). blog: Compliance Step in Sales Workflow

  • Added support for Ubiquiti devices with firmware of v8.5+
  • Improved file attachment handling throughout the system
  • Improved helpdesk ticket priority & escalation functionality. Guide: Helpdesk Manual
  • Fixed bug that caused public links on feature requests to change
  • Fixed bug relating to updating customer info from the customer portal
  • Various cosmetic improvements & minor bug fixes
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March 20, 2018

  • Important VAT Changes. Blog: 15% Vat Change In SageOne SA and HeroTill
    • The VAT changes are important whether you use the Billing Module and SageOne or if you do not. As billing runs and product prices are affected please see the document VAT Changes – What to Do which should be read together with the blog, for how to make those changes.
  • Added ability for Credit Notes to take into account which Vat rate was in affect at the date of the invoice.
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect usage date on the customer edit page
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March 13, 2018

  • Added ability to customise the SMS topup string appended to outbound usage SMS messages. Blog: How To Customize The SMS Topup String
  • Fixed cosmetic display issue on customer usage graphs
  • Various feature request submission improvements
  • Various file upload & viewing improvements
  • Various bug fixes
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February 19, 2018

  • Added support for Cell-C LTE
  • Added IS LTE billing summary screen
  • Added several helpdesk related API calls
  • Various helpdesk ticket improvements
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February 9, 2018

  • Fixed issue preventing some radius accounts form being deleted
  • Added a feature to undelete LTE accounts
  • Various helpdesk escalation improvements
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January 31, 2018

  • Added various checks before a customer or radius account can be deleted
  • Added ability to detect and eliminate duplicate SMS message queuing
  • Added ability to migrate a radius account to a sub customer account
  • Added various sales & operational statistic reports
  • Added reason field to helpdesk tickets as well as a summary screen. Blog: Tickets Now Have A Reason Field

  • Added realtime traffic view to customer edit active sessions and network device interfaces
  • Added helpdesk ticket priority improvements
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
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January 23, 2018

  • Added ability to better define ticket escalation per department / category
  • Added complex ticket priority settings
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January 15, 2018

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January 4, 2018

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December 8, 2017

  • Added customer suspension & expiry improvements. Guide: Account Suspensions
  • Added initial reseller functionality. Guide: Reseller guide.
  • Various refer a friend improvements. Guide: Refer a friend
  • Added ability to export customer locations as part of highsite KMZ file
  • Various sales lead improvements. Guide: Lead to Receipt: Sales Leads
  • Fixed a bug causing duplicate radius usage entries to show in usage view screen
  • Various bug fixes
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November 27, 2017

  • Added checklists to site surveys
  • Added site survey jobcards
  • Added better detection of mysqldump errors during backup process
  • Various bug fixes
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October 31, 2017

  • Added ability to define custom invoice & quote messages per product
  • Added ownership flag to asset register items
  • Fixed a bug sometimes preventing IP Pools with no realm from allocation IPs. Guide: HeroTill IP Pools Guide
  • Fixed customer select on location screen when customer titles contains non html friendly characters
  • Fixed duration calculation on active session widget
  • Fixed network map not loading if no gateway device found
  • Improved network device sector station display
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October 23, 2017

  • Added ability to define IP pools per router (static & auto), and to then select these on radius user accounts
  • Added ability to generate quick quotes directly from the edit customer screen
  • Added radius linking to data contracts & show contract expiry dates on customer & radius expiry settings
  • Added ability to clone admin user accounts
  • Various IP accounting improvements. Guide: IP Accounting Guide
  • Fixed LTE balance & topup display summary
  • Fixed issue when not all accounts were included on the customer transaction statement
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