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New feature: 1Voucher as a payment gateway

1voucher has been added as a third-party payment gateway. It allows customers to use 1voucher vouchers as a payment method in HeroTill in the following places:

Customer Portal:

  • Customers have the ability to pay invoices with 1voucher vouchers
  • Customers can buy vouchers on HeroTill using 1voucher


  • Customers have the ability to buy 1voucher vouchers in hotspot

How does it work?

1voucher allows a customer to buy a voucher of a certain amount (cash value) which can be redeemed at certain vendors to pay for something.

Once a customer has bought a voucher (for a set amount), a 16-digit PIN is issued to the customer. This PIN is used as a payment method, until its initial value is exhausted. If a customer buys something for less than the initial amount issued on the voucher, they receive a change voucher, which can be used until the value is 0.


Jane buys a R500 voucher from 1Voucher. She buys R300 worth of data from a hotspot. She enters her 16-digit pin and receives her data.

She now had R200 left and is issued a change voucher from 1Voucher for R200 (with a new PIN).

She waits until her data is finished and spends the last R200 at the hotspot to buy more data using her new PIN.

Linking the 1voucher payment gateway(s) to your HeroTill

To link 1voucher as a payment gateway on HeroTill, go to Setup–>System Settings–>Payment gateways .

Select 1Voucher as a gateway, and enter your trader information:

The 1voucher payment gateway screen

Click on Update and your customers will be able to pay their accounts with their 1voucher credits.

Important to remember:

A 1voucher PIN is only displayed once. This means that you cannot go back to view your PIN The same goes for change vouchers. We urge you to write down this number or take a screenshot of it. Change voucher number retention is not a HeroTill responsibility but the responsibility of the end user.

As 1voucher is a 3rd party vendor we cannot be held responsible for loss of voucher pins.

If you have any problems or questions on how to link your payment gateways with your HeroTill, please do not hesitate to contact us on

For any other queries relating to failed transactions, PIN credits, failed authentications,  card verifications, pending or processed payments, payment allocations, please go to