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Data Transfers have been considered for Prepaid Data Users.

1: Ensure Data transfers are enabled

NOTE: This setting applies to both Monthly and Prepaid Data accounts
Navigate to the Data Menu -> Radius Setup -> Radius Settings


2. A Prepaid User (Transferrer) makes a request to the WISP to transfer Data from their account to another Prepaid account (Transferee) of that Wisp.

  • Your Customers will need to use ordinary means of communication ie Helpdesk ticket, phone call or email to make the request. There is no designated transfer request process.

3. An admin user then Navigates to the Prepaid user’s (Transferrer) Customer Edit page -> Prepaid Purchases Widget and select Edit

4. Choose Prepaid Voucher to be transferred.

5. Choose the Prepaid account (Transferee) to transfer the Voucher to.

The Transferee will get the voucher as it is at the time of the transfer, with the remaining amount of data left, the same speed and the same expiry.
The billing will not carry over to the Transferee. The Purchase details and cost will remain with the original purchaser of the Voucher (Transferrer)

NOTE: Once a voucher has been fully transferred, it will not be available for Transfer again