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If customers have auto top settings on then they have opted into out-of-bundle billing. To opt in or out of out-of-bundle billing the customer can manage this setting in the customer portal by navigating to Usage -> Auto top-up

They can then enable the settings as seen below:

  • Auto top-up increments
  • Auto top-up limits
  • enabling notifications for auto top-ups

Alternatively, clients can make a request to the wisp to turn this on or off. The admin user can navigate to the customer’s edit page -> View usage -> Auto top-up settings

If you would like to remove the functionality for customers to do this on the customer portal, you can turn the setting off.
Navigate to Data -> Radius setup -> Radius settings -> Allow end user auto top ups

As mentioned in the description. If disabled, the setting will only hide the auto popups button for customers on the portal. It will not disable the auto top-up functionality itself or remove the functionality from customers who have it set up.