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Pro rata billing is available on HeroTill only on invoices generated from lead to receipt.

The pro rata is only calculated on recurring products.

Recurring products can be marked as such by setting the product type as recurring or by marking it as recurring on the lead to receipt billing document.

Pro rata calculated on an invoice generated from lead to receipt:

Pro Rata on invoice

Pro rata calculation:

The pro rata is calculated on the recurring products such as bandwidth.

Days left = Days of the month – Date of the scheduled installation on the job card. (Calendar event.)

Discount amount = Monthly amount / Days left

Pro rata = Monthly amount – Discount amount.


This pro rata calculation is only on invoices generated out of lead to receipt where an invoice was generated from a job card. It will not be calculated on normal recurring billing and on manual invoices.

We are busy improving this feature by making it possible to select which recurring products should get affected.